furniture flip

This weekend I got to tackle a fun project that has been on my radar for awhile but I haven’t had the right conditions to get it done! I have 2 chairs that were given to me by a friend as well as a table from my aunt and uncle that I have wanted to re-do and use as my furniture in my bonus room/2nd bedroom/craft room.

The pieces now match and look like a cute set ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to utilize them in that space for my future craft projects and it also looks like the perfect new place to sit down and type up my posts for you each week!

Here are the pieces beforehand. All were wood but the chairs and table had slightly different shades to them and the blue legs on the table made them look mismatched.

I don’t have much experience with spray paint, but with items like this that had a lot of notches and small pieces it seemed like the best route to go. This project only required 2 cans of spray paint (so that I was able to get 2 coats in) plus some decorative washi tape for added detail. The complete transformation cost less than 15 dollars and it feels like I have something brand new! My spray paint was bought at Target and was a metallic gold with slight glimmer/shine. They also had bronze/rose and silver as well as many other non-metallic colors. I also got my black, white, and gold patterned washi tape rolls at Target. There were tons of patterns to choose from but these 2 suited my project best.

After about 2 hours in my driveway (including the dry time) the pieces were completely dry and transformed by the gold paint. The wind “got me” a few times and as you can see in the picture of the spray paint can above, my hands got the gold treatment as well as I was applying the paint! Here was the (almost) finished products outside after they were done drying and had 2 coats applied.

I love how the paint has a matte metallic look to it after drying. It makes the furniture seems sleek and almost makes them appear to be made out of metal instead of wood. Even though the color turned out great I felt that adding some washi tape to certain areas of the table and chairs would give them a little more interest and add some color variety so that all the pieces didn’t seem plain.

Washi tape is very forgiving and easy to apply. You can put something on and if you don’t like it it’s very simple to remove. This kind of tapes reminds me a lot of painters tape but just much thinner. It doesn’t stick to your finger so much so it makes it easier to work with and peel off and on in order to get things straight. I added the bronze/black patterned tape to the table and the black and white striped tape to the chairs to give them some uniqueness.

The small amount of time and money that went in to this project definitely made this transformation easy and worth it. Now I get the look of a brand new set of furniture for a fraction of the cost. The set now looks like it belongs in the space and matches the vibe I had already set for the tone of the room with my original decorations. The tapestry, which may be my favorite decorative piece in my house, ties everything together even more so now and the space feels “just right”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for reading! I enjoyed this project so much I already have another furniture versus spray paint mission underway so I will be sharing the results with you soon! Have a wonderful week.


xoxo Jen


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