the making of plant ladies!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend. I’m happy to be back to the blog and hopefully on routine for our Sunday schedule going forward 🙂

This Saturday morning I started off my weekend in a relaxing way. Myself and two of my friends, Brittany and Julie, attended a class hosted by All Seasons garden center on succulent and cactus gardening!

I have never attended a class at All Seasons before but I am so glad I did. It was a relaxing and informative class that allowed me to express creativity and work in an area that I am trying to learn more about: gardening and plants! There were multiple employees there to assist everyone with each step in the process and one of the employees did a demo at the beginning showing us all of the steps before she set us loose!

The fee for the class itself was $10. Then all of your materials and plants you chose were at your cost. We got to choose from a huge wall of containers; different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes.

Then they had soil prepared for us as well as pearock to line the bottom of your container of it didn’t have built in drainage. Next we could choose any cacti, succulents, or small plants that we wanted for our container! There were so many options so it took me quite awhile to decide what I wanted to do.

I ended up choosing 2 cacti. One fun colored one and one green. Then I chose one small coral flowering plant to match the colored cactus. The two succulents I chose were so fun and unique. The one in the front is referred to as “string of pearls” and is a trailing succulent that will grow out and trail down over time. The other succulent reminded me of an underwater seaweed with its neat tubular arms!

Once I had my plants out and planted I decided I want to add some fun colored rock to give it additional personality. I found this multicolored rock that was perfect for the colors I chose! I scooped and sprinkled some throughout before watering them to finish everything off 🙂

It was so fun to see all of the different combinations that my friends and others in the class came up with! Maybe my favorite part of the whole class was that we were able to make a mess and get dirt everywhere without being worried! They encouraged us to cause a mess and it was nice to work and not be concerned with keeping things tidy.

For those of you that live in the Grand Forks area I encourage you to check out the All Seasons Facebook page to see what kind of classes they have coming up this fall. They have one most weekends and covering different topics! I am already looking forward to a class I signed up for next month with my mom that will have us making large outdoor holiday greenery containers.

A few succulent and cactus tips for each of you that I learned this weekend: these plants LOVE sunlight and prefer 4-6 hours of sunlight each day if possible so placing them on a sunny windowsill is best. They also shared that the number one killed of succulents (and actually all plants in general) is overwatering. They shared you need to monitor the soil and only water when the plant feels dry through about the first inch of soil.

I can’t wait to display my little garden on the sunny windowsill in my office to bring some live plants into my working environment! Thanks so much for reading and we will see you next week!!


xoxo Jen


Whole30 journey

Hi, everyone!! I am so sorry for the big gap between posts. These last few weeks have been overloaded and crazy but filled with all good things. I have been away and out of town for the past 3 weekends celebrating weddings, homecoming, and time with my best friends from college. I had every intention of still writing posts on Sunday evening when I got back each weekend but I was always so wiped out that resting seemed like a better idea at the time 🙂

I am going to keep it pretty short and sweet this week but I promise I have some more exciting things coming down the pipeline for you soon! The holiday season is fast approaching (which is crazy to think about….) so its my favorite time of the year to decorate and try new things to show all of you!

As for today’s topic….these next 30 days I am embarking on a challenging journey with my mom called the Whole30 plan. Many of you have probably heard of this or even taken the challenge yourself! I won’t dive in to a lot of the specifics because there are lots of details that would be overwhelming at first.


This program was created by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig and has been very popular in the last couple of years. This program is essentially a 30 day clean eating plan that eliminates many food groups and gets you “back to the basics”. The major eliminator of the plan is all non-naturally occurring sugar. Once you start reading the labels on food you will be AMAZED how many products that you wouldn’t expect have sugar listed as an ingredient (chicken broth….what!?!) and there are so many different names for sugar that you have to be very careful.

If I had to sum up the plan you can have (MOST) meats, fish, eggs, nuts, (MOST) veggies, and all fruits. You can’t have any grains, dairy of any kind (except for eggs), legumes, alcohol, or processed food of any kind. As I mentioned this is purely a high-level summary. There are lots of specifics for the plan that are outlined clearly in the materials and recipe books that you can use to research, plan, and educate yourself all about the philosophy behind the program.

Their first book on the subject is called “It Starts With Food” which explains their initial attempts at creating this clean eating plan and the amazing results they both saw when they committed to it for 30 days. Many of the testimonials throughout the book and other resources I’ve read are of people who suffered from a number of ailments (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chrons disease, diabetes, frequent heartburn, just to name a few) who after eliminating these foods from their diet saw significant improvements in their health and symptoms associated with what they struggle with.

I am excited for the 30 days ahead but know that they will be very challenging!!! For me I know that cheese and chocolate will be the 2 toughest things to cut out. I’m looking forward to practicing my willpower and committing to the program. I’m also excited to see what I learn about myself and clean foods throughout the process. I will look forward to sharing the results from the program with all of you once I reach the end of the 30 days.


If any of you reading this have tried the program yourself and have some great recipes, tips, personal accounts, I would love to hear them!!! Also, if after reading about this you are interested in starting the program yourself and want to have an accountability buddy let me know 🙂 I’d be happy to cheer you on!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend ahead!


xoxo Jen