primary colored kitchen

Man, I can hardly believe it’s Sunday night again! When I think of my weeks in terms of blog posts I can’t help but notice how much the time seems to be flying by. It feels like just a moment ago I was sitting down last weekend and writing but another week has gone by in the blink of an eye….summer seems to do that each year!

As I was thinking about what to write tonight I was brainstorming at my dining room table and looking into my kitchen. I looked back and saw that I have never shared photos or ideas with all of you from that space yet so it looks like this is the perfect night to do it 🙂 If I had to sum up my kitchen into a theme it would certainly be primary colors. My cabinets are simple oak and the flooring is neutral. The appliances are white and the previous owners put in a metallic backsplash so the kitchen was essentially one big blank neutral canvas. It was only logical to fill everything else with as much color as possible!

My favorite part of the kitchen is my little coffee corner. I bought a vintage orange bar cart at an antique show last year and it was the perfect addition to house my Keurig and k-cups. I also hung up the distressed white shelf I snagged a garage sale to display all of my brightly colored Fiesta ware coffee mugs and some other fun ones that I have! The red chalkboard is from Picks and I adorned it with my favorite saying to peek at as I walk out the door each morning. The metal sign with the coffee humor I found in Florida when I was there for family vacation last year. Coffee really keeps me going during the day and I’m sure many of you feel the same!!


I have a bar top/island that I use as my main working counter space so the other counter space I used to display some of my favorite thing. My red Kitchenaid mixer is WAY too pretty to be kept out of sight! My fun colored kitchen utensils are a collection from many places to include Macy’s, TJMaxx, and Target. The adorable dog treats metal container I found at TJMaxx’s as well and I couldn’t resist. It’s the perfect place to store Luna’s treats! The smaller container is from Gordman’s as well as the utensil holder. My cookbooks are bright colors so I display them standing up on the counter to add more appeal. And the fun, oversized utensils hanging on the wall are from Hobby Lobby!


Tonight I made myself a personal homemade pizza so that is the star of the stove photo! My bright blue tea kettle is from Macy’s and the funny recipe box on top of the stove was a graduation gift from a family friend, filled with recipes to start me off with! My bright colored dish towel is Fiesta ware brand and the dishcloth adorned with “My cooking is so awesome even the smoke alarm cheers me on” made me laugh outloud at Curious gift shop in Grand Forks. I bought it because if you know me at all you’ll know that I am VERY low on the cooking skills scale and it is not unusual for me to have a little smokin’ goin’ on when I’m trying to cook!!


I have a few other small touches in the kitchen that are worth mentioning. I have this fun patterned cork board hanging on the wall right as you go out the door to the garage. I usually hang receipts, coupons, monthly bills, reminders, etc. on here to keep me on track for the current week.  I had been on the hunt for a fun kitchen rug and found the perfect one just a few weeks ago….and where else but hiding on a back clearance end cap at Target!!! Less than 10 dollars and it’s the perfect style and colors for my space 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, is my most recent spray paint project. My parents passed down three bar stools to me when I was moving in to my first apartment in college and they have been with me every since! They were dark wood with some gold/metal accents and up against my also wood island they blended in. I had fun spray painting my craft room table and chair set (check out the post here) so I decided to give it another go and make over the bar stools! They turned out awesome and I love how much they “pop” now! I went with a bright primary almost sky-toned blue. Now they stick out (in a good way) and I can always repaint them down the road if my color scheme changes! (Side note: as you can see in the photo, Luna’s toy basket is right beside the kitchen stools. She has quite the collection of toys including a hamburger and the lovable poop emoji haha)


Thanks so much for reading! I hope these photos give you some ideas if you are thinking about ways to refresh your kitchen or start from scratch if you are just moving somewhere new!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. See you next Sunday 🙂


xoxo Jen

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