fall footwear

Hi, my friends! A few weeks ago I asked a question on my Instagram stories about what content you would like to see soon and someone mentioned a post on sneaker/fall footwear would be great as we transition into a new season.

Here are a few of my favorite picks for this upcoming season in lots of different style – sneakers, flats, mules, loaders, ankle boots….you name it. As always I have picked really affordable options so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by any of the prices and they truly fit into a budget fashionista lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the shoes are under $40 at this time – the only pair not in that price range is the first pair of sneakers from LOFT but a discount code advertised currently makes them 39.99! Every pair is linked in the description below the picture so follow the links to buy online! All of the shoes are either from LOFT, Old Navy, or Target.



This adorable pair from LOFTย is a great option for this season. The mauve/blush color is a perfect neutral for this time of year and the satin finish will dress up any outfit!


I found a couple of great options at Old Navy:ย First is this burgundy pairย which is the definition of an effortless casual sneaker. They have it in gray as well but this color really pops!


It doesn’t get much cuter than these “Oh Hey” slip ons. These are in my own cart for sure ๐Ÿ˜€ more color, please!!



The yellow obsession continues with these slide on heeled mules from Old Navy – they are a good “work shoe” and mustard yellow is practically a neutral in my book! You could wear these with pretty much anything and a heel always makes you feel a little bit more dressed up if that’s the look you’re going for.


I own these classic non-heeled mules from Target in black but this light pink color would be a great fall neutral. They are really comfortable and the pointed toe is a nice touch.


These are currently sold out on my size but I have them on alert for when they restock because yellow AND ruffles….doesn’t get any better than that; especially when they are 22 dollars!!



This is a way to have a jazzier black mule. I love the tassel sandals I bought from Target this summer and these are along the same lines. Adds some texture to a classic piece without making it unprofessional.


The embellishments on these are way too fun – the sparkles are beautiful and would be great with an all-around simple outfit so that the shoes can stand out.

Ankle Bootsย 


I love the studs on these, simple enough but they make them unique and different even with a neutral color. They’re so small they are even difficult to see in the picture but they are little tiny gold beads. The mushroom color of the boot is my preference for a neutral color over more brown tones – I think it goes with more and is a softer look.


A white ankle boot might be out of your comfort zone but these are so fun!! It would be a nice way to take a risk and they would be really fun to wear going out!


If white isn’t your style or too risky you can’t go wrong with a classic all black microsuede ankle boot – this one is trendy because it’s a “sock boot” with the tighter to the ankle top – that will be REALLY big this season


These in a fun faux leather snakeskin print would be great with black jeans and any big sweater over the next two seasons.


I love a good metallic accent and these boots are so casual and cute. They could be dressed up or down easily and are a fun interest piece without trying too hard. I think they would look good with both denim/jeans and dress slacks. I’m especially picturing them with knee length dresses/skirts and tights for the colder weather coming our way!

As always, thanks so much for reading! I am looking forward to having more for you all soon ๐Ÿ™‚


xoxo Jen



fall decorating inspiration :)

The BEST season is upon us!! Fall is here and I couldn’t be happier! This is the sweetest time of year: I love the colors, the crispness as it comes back into the air, the style and fashion, and the scents of pumpkin and apple cinnamon. Over the last couple of weeks I have prepared both my office and my house for the season and wanted to share photos and details with all of you to give you some inspiration if you haven’t started on your own decorating. If you don’t typically decorate for fall maybe this will convince you! A little bit goes a long way – and as usual, I got all of my decor for great prices from some of my favorite places: Target, Hobby Lobby, Picks, Michaels, and TJMaxx. Here are all of the details!!

At the Office

Those of you that have been following along with me for awhile now know how much I love to change up small things in my office for each season of the year. I added some new pieces that go great with my black, white, and gold theme and it adds the perfect touch of fall to my space that I get to enjoy during the week.


Two pumpkins and a new faux floral arrangement on the corner of my desk pack a big punch with minimal changes. The black and white striped pumpkin is glass and I bought it at the end of the fall season last year when all of the fall decor was 90% off at Hobby Lobby. If my memory serves me right I think I got it for less than 5 dollars which is wild!! The smaller black and white polka dotted pumpkin I just got last week from the dollar section/saver spot at the front of Target. The polka dots and black stem are glittery and this cute little guy was only $3! There were multiple other styles and colors in this size of pumpkin and it’s lightweight material.

The glass stemmed jar I dressed up for fall by wrapping twine around it in a wide band. A very easy and inexpensive “makeover” for any vase or jar. The two different versions of beautiful faux floral blooms in the fall colors (golden yellow and a pretty coral orange) are from Michaels. All of their fall decor is 40% off this week so head in to check it out!


I laughed outloud at Michaels when I saw this sign so I knew I had to get it for my office. It was only 5 dollars so it was a no-brainer. I put it on the windowsill with all of my plants. It’s the perfect “fall humor” and I DO drink a lot of coffee….

At Home

Since I am such a huge Christmas decoration fan in past years I haven’t done as good of a job of adding fall pieces to my house. This year I decided to be intentional about getting some nice fall-themed decor to have out for September through November before the Christmas decorating begins. I went to all of my favorite stores once the fall decor was out and found the perfect pieces to create a nice fall ambience at home without changing much or going over the top!


I changed out my normal dining room table picture for this sweet black wooden sign from Hobby Lobby. The message about togetherness is the perfect one for this season ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks great with my favorite dollar store mirror and the metal basket from the Magnolia-Hearth and Hand collection at Target that are mainstays in this space. Inside the metal basket are 4 different fall scented candles. 3 of them I just bought this past weekend at Michaels as they are having a sale all week on their fall large jarred candles – 3 for 10 dollars which is INSANE!! So if you have a Michaels in your town I highly suggest making a trip there this week to snag that great deal. The black and gold “give thanks” sign is also from Hobby Lobby. Their fall decor should continue to be 40% off for a little while longer I’m imagining so you should have time to score these things (and others!) if you’re interested.

My favorite thing from my table ended up being this fun pumpkin and floral bouquet that I created with inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers. I bought this white pitcher from the Threshold collection at Target for less than 15 dollars and it will be perfect to change out with different things for each season. I placed a foam floral block inside the pitcher and then added a mixture of twine, white, and orange mini pumpkins on sticks that I got at Hobby Lobby. Then I also added two stems of cotton blossoms and some fun yellow faux florals – all from Hobby Lobby as well! Such an easy DIY project that looks so festive and beautiful!!


The only other space inside that I added some fall flair to was my side table in my living room. The gold hashtag light sign is an all year round stay and that was bought at Target last year. The orange and gold glittered larger pumpkin is from TJMaxx last year and then the rest of the pumpkin were just purchased last week at Target – also in the dollar spot/saver section. The largest pumpkin that is black is sprinkled with fun silver and orange sparkles/confetti. All of the mini pumpkins came in a set (2 black, 1 white, and 1 orange – all glittery!) and were only $3. There were lots of other items in the dollar section that would be so cute for fall but I didn’t want to go overboard! Your budget can go a long way if you stick with shopping in that section!


The last touch of fall at home was to buy some mums to enjoy outside over the next few months. I got both of mine at Menards this weekend for $4.98 each and went with a pretty muted orange color and then deep purple – one of my favorite colors! My jade plant has been thriving these last few weeks and looks nice alongside the mums. My cute white metal “Fresh Cut Flowers” sign was a Picks purchase at the beginning of the summer and I love it so much!!

I hope that these pictures give you all some ideas and inspiration of your own as we embark on this season of change. As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read and connect with me. I appreciate each of you so much! Be back soon with more โค


xoxo Jen

minnesota state fair – food recap

Hi, everyone! I have a short & sweet post for you this week ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a fantastic long weekend in Minneapolis/St.Paul for the long holiday weekend celebrating the bachelorette party of one of my best friends from college. On Sunday after all of the festivities wrapped up, I took in one of my favorite events of all-time: The Minnesota State Fair. Both of my parents grew up in Minnesota so when I was growing up we used to go to the fair almost every year as a family to enjoy all of the food, concerts, and animals. Even though I’m born and raised in North Dakota I have actually never been to the North Dakota State Fair because the Minnesota one has my heart โค


I didn’t get to spend a whole day at the fair like I normally would but I was there for about 4-5 hours which was enough to try a handful of new foods and also enjoy a few of my all-time favorites! I went to the fair with a few friends who ended up being spectacular hand models for all of the pictures you’ll see below! Most of the food really needs no explanation other than the photos but I just wanted to share a short recap and the photos with all of you. I’ll split them up by classics versus new items that I tried!



Pronto pup – This was one of my first stops of the day. A foot-long corndog was the perfect way to start my time at the fair as this is one of the most classic foods out there!


Dairy Barn milkshake – A chocolate milkshake is never a bad idea and this is the best milkshake I’ve ever had. When I would go to the fair with my family growing up we used to go to the dairy barn as our first stop in the morning and get a milkshake for breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t think of a better way to start the day!


Deep fried Oreos – Oreos on their own are one of the best snack foods/desserts so deep frying them just turns it in to a dangerously delicious game. These are rich so definitely difficult to eat more than a couple of them but it’s the perfect thing to get and share!


Cheese curds – These are a combination of classic and new foods because we got one order of the classic cheese curds but then we also got an order of garlic cheese curds. Flavored cheese curds were new this year – garlic, ranch, and jalapeno. The garlic were great but I think going forward going with the classics might be the best option!


Garlic fries – These fries are a thing of beauty as you can see from the picture. They were a perfect fresh-cut fry and had a healthy amount of garlic to make them extremely flavorful. As you can see the group of us that were together were all about the garlic!

New foods!


Fried pickles – These aren’t a new food to the fair this year but this is the first time I’ve eaten them at the fair and I am SO sad that I’ve waited this long. They were amazing and the perfect breading – and there is nothing that isn’t made better with some ranch for dipping.


Wine-fried Brie – The picture of this isn’t the greatest but at the MN Wine booth they had a very unique selection of wines and hot food. I tried a sip of a wine slushie that was excellent and got to have a couple bites of this wine-fried Brie cheese on a stick. It was delicious but it was very rich so I don’t think I would have been able to have more than a few bites.


Mini donut beer – This beer was by far the most unique thing I had all day! I was skeptical to even try it but it ended up being really great. Life Bridge brewery is the one who created this unique brew. The glass came with mini donut sugar around the rim of the glass. The taste of the beer was spot on with a mini donut but it was subtle and not overly sweet and sugary like I was expecting. It was also nice and refreshing since it was so hot outside!


Grilled peaches – One of the new foods that was on my list that I wasn’t able to get to ended up being something I got that night anyway! I stayed with my cousins at their house in Minneapolis on Sunday evening and they made an amazing supper. One that included grilled peaches stuffed with goat cheese and topped with balsamic and salt & pepper. The sweet flavors of the peach combined with the heartiness of the goat cheese was so unique and delicious. I know this was one of the most popular items at the fair this year so I’ll have to ensure I get one when I’m back to visit again next year.

I wasn’t able to get everything on my food wish list this year but I’m already looking forward to going back again next summer and hopefully being able to spend a full day there trying a lot of new things! As always, thanks so much for reading and following a long with me. I hope all of you had a great Labor Day weekend and if you’ve never been to the MN State Fair I hope you’ll consider checking it out next year – it really is the Great Minnesota Get Together ๐Ÿ™‚


xoxo Jen