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Hi, everyone! It looks like Wednesday might be my new norm…I am working hard to keep fresh content for you all and my goal is to start posting 2 times a week whenever possible. At the beginning of May I am going to be involved in a really exciting project with Gordmans that I can’t wait to share more about soon.

I also am going to be traveling to two different US cities the first week of May in a back-to-back trip so there is going to be LOTS of exciting content coming back for all of you: food, shopping, lifestyle, and just travel diaries in general. I have a feeling these next few months will be the best yet on the blog 🙂

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite influencer accounts and fellow bloggers with all of you. I follow some really massively followed account on Instagram that are always producing amazing content but I also follow plenty of people who are just like me: building their following and finding their place in the blogosphere (I’m not sure if that word is even a thing but I’m going to go with it…haha). I will group my favorite accounts by fashion, décor, travel/food, and then overall inspiration so that you can take a peek at all of them on Instagram based on what you’re looking for inspo in.


  • Bre Sheppard – @bresheppard = Bre lives in Seattle, WA and she is one of the bloggers I’ve been following for the longest amount of time. She has such a fun style and she ROCKS the short blonde which is part of the reason I decided to cut my hair shorter last year. It was a fun change and I’m looking to do another chop again soon. Bre also tends to have amazing shoe recommendations which I am always on the hunt for…


  • Jessica Crum – @jesshogancrum = Jess is in my opinion about as close to a southern belle as you can get! She lives in Houston, TX and her account is one I’ve been following for a few months now. Admittedly she is a little bit more glam than I am from a beauty perspective (hair extensions, beauty-intensive in general) but I find that her fashion tips are really great. I am always excited to see the outfits she puts together and her blog content is excellent. She is the one who I first found goldenstrand jewelry through which is the AMAZING shop that I have scored some unique statement earrings from. Another bonus is that she and her husband also own a goldendoodle who’s name is Waffles 😀 so dang cute!!


  • Taylor Jacobs – @gracefullytaylored = Taylor lives in Louisiana and there is just something about her feed that always draws me in. She loves pinks/rose colored tones and her photos definitely reflect that. She has a relaxed style that I admire from a fashion perspective and she loves neutrals and solid colored pieces that go with anything.



  • Jillian Harris – @jillian.harris = Jillian is one of the designers from the HGTV show Love It or List It and I LOVE following along with her on Instagram. She is a big lover of all things clean and fresh when it comes to design. In her own home she has a lot of white and neutral shades. Her kitchen is one that is on my dream list. Completely white, white subway tile backsplash, and then some amazing gold statement pendants hanging over the island. She is also really activity on insta stories so it’s fun to watch her daily life 🙂


  • Jen Streeter – @blissfully_eclectic = Jen’s style is unreal and screams all things boho and natural woven textures or very eclectic, just as her username implies! She has some incredible spaces in her house and she really brought on a lot of the inspiration that I had for re-doing and adding to the second bedroom/bonus room at my house. I always like watching for small changes she makes in each of the rooms in her house. This past weekend when the Opalhouse collection dropped at Target (Oh.My.Gosh) she added some pieces to her room including a rug and some pillows that make the space look almost brand new by only changing a handful of things.


  • Julia Marcum – @chrislovesjulia = Julia’s page is one of my newest followings on Instagram and I am absolutely loving it. My good friend Brittany loves working on her house and DIY projects as much as I do and she is the one who pointed out this account to me. It very much matches her clean, farmhouse style tendencies and I like the elements that it brings to the table. It isn’t necessarily a style I would normally gravitate to but I think by following accounts that don’t match my exact style I learn to appreciate and incorporate other elements into my thinking.


  • Rachel Spross – @thetrendytomboy = Rachel not only writes about travel and food but she also has fantastic style. I thought about putting her in the fashion category but she really does it all. She lives in Austin, TX (which I will be visiting in a few weeks!!!) so I have been loving reading her posts about best food/coffee shops/dessert places and the list goes onnn in Austin. I can tell how much she appreciates great food and so I am beyond excited to try some of her favorite places when I’m down there visiting. If any of you give her a follow I know you won’t be disappointed! Her feed is full of bright colors and is so cheerful all the time.


  • Adele McDonald – @altoanthem = I learned about this account through the blogger I mentioned just before this (Rachel Spross) and this gal is at about the same following size as me right now on Instagram. She lives in NYC but works for google so does lots of traveling. Her feed is just indescribable. She visits some amazing places and I have no doubt that following her will give me large amounts of wanderlust and lots of ideas for future adventures that I hope I can take down the road!



  • Emma Hill – @emmahill = I can say without a doubt that Emma is my favorite influencer to follow on Instagram. She lives in London and she and her husband Simon both work full-time for her blog and YouTube channel. She has a killer style and LOVES structured pieces (especially blazers). I like following her because since she is in Europe I feel like often times she is talking about trends before they get here to the US which is a typical fashion migration pattern for things to begin in Europe. I love to watch her YouTube videos and she is currently doing a series of videos on “chic for less” to help her followers find more affordable pieces for their wardrobe. Her décor style has also been fun to watch as she has given house and garden tours through Instagram stories and YouTube. Arguably the best part of Emma’s account is when she has her and Simon’s 5 (yes FIVE) dogs on her stories. They are have names that start with the letter B and are all Chihuahuas….give her a follow; I promise you won’t be disappointed!!


  • Kelly and Jeff Mindell – @studiodiy and @jeffmindell = This power couple is probably tied for first when it comes to my favorite accounts to follow in the blogging world and on Instagram. They live in Los Angeles, CA and they LOVE and I mean LOVE color. Kelly runs a DIY blog and creates amazing content that is filled with DIY tutorials. She also makes and sells things like monthly designed clutch handbags. Her feed is a breath of fresh air and is always full to the brim with bright and exciting colors. Her wardrobe is just amazing: she is always wearing as much color as she can find and I’m always excited to see the outfits she puts together. Jeff is a photographer and so his content is also fantastic. He posts the best shots from around LA and other projects he does and they make the best screensavers for your phone. He also is the world’s biggest fan of Dunkin’ Donuts so you’ll hear a lotttt about that from him. Lastly, what can’t go without mentioning is that a year ago Jeff and Kelly adopted what I am certain is the world’s cutest little boy. His name is Arlo and he is always the star of their posts and stories. I cant even begin to describe how cute he is…you’ll have to see for yourself. It also doesn’t help that Kelly and Jeff dress him in the cutest colorful outfits 😀


I hope that these accounts give you all some new and exciting people to follow and get inspiration from! Thanks so much for reading and I will be back with more for you soon!


xoxo Jen




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