patio refresh!

Hi, everyone! I’m back 🙂 and on Sunday night which feels really good. Those of you that live up here in the upper Midwest are rejoicing along with me as we’ve had our first few days of warmer weather and some beautiful sunshine that we were able to enjoy this weekend. At the first sign of this weather I was outside spraying down my patio and my furniture because I was so excited to set up all of my new items that I’ve been buying over the last few weeks.

I had had the same patio set for the last couple of years and while there was nothing wrong with my chairs or main furniture the cushions were beginning to fade and I was eager to try a refresh with a new color scheme and theme. I kept my same gray Adirondack style chairs from Target but everything else out on the patio is new! Check out all of the photos below and I will also give details of where everything was purchased.

I have been so eager to share this with all of you and I hope you love it as much as I do! I am so excited for the summer ahead spent reading, relaxing, having conversations with friends and family, napping, enjoying a cold beer, and hanging out with Luna in this space.

Here are both of my chairs – each with a little bit of a different combination in order to add some extra pattern mixing and fun 🙂

Patio chairs – as I mentioned above these chairs I have owned for a couple of years. They are a nice dark grey in color and are the Adirondack style but plastic which means they’re less than 20 dollars instead of north of 100 dollars like real Adirondack wood chairs are. Target continues to sell these chairs and in multiple colors so you can find some still this year!

Chair cushions – the earthy green toned cushions are from the threshold brand at Target. I got them a few weeks ago on a 2 for $24 sale and I just noticed in this week’s ad that it’s going on again! So if you’re in the market for new patio cushions this is a great week to get some. They have lots of solid color options but also a few patterns. Since I knew I wanted busier pillows I decided to go with a solid color on the cushions.

Pillows – On the left chair the geometric multicolor triangle patterned cushion/pillow is from Gordmans. I love the cheerfulness of this pattern and it was under $15! The white pillow with the pink and orange pattern is from Wayfair. On the right chair the cute white and green cactus patterned pillow is also from Wayfair, and the ADORABLE coral Aloha pillow is from Gordmans. It’s hard to see in the picture but the aloha and the pineapple are white sequins which is a fun glitzy addition!

Outdoor rug – This great striped warm-colored rug in yellow, orange, red is from Hobby Lobby! It is in the spring shop so it’s been 40% off for a few weeks making it under $20! I love the texture and it holds up great with rainy weather and outdoor wear and tear. The outdoor rug I had with my last set of patio stuff was also from Hobby Lobby and I loved it which is why I went back there to search for a new one to go with this color scheme.

Outdoor table/garden stool – This bright yellow metal woven garden stool/table is from Wayfair. I think it will be great and really durable for outside. It’s a little smaller than I was hoping for but it goes great with everything else that I picked out so I’m going to make it work!

Glassware/lanterns – Both of the colored class pieces are from Hobby Lobby and were 50% off this past week which means it will be a week or two until they’re back on sale. I loved the beautiful orange colored one and the shape is unique. It’s got a candle stand inside so I may grab a solar candle to put in there for some extra light. The green one is a colored mason jar with a handle so it could also easily house an outdoor safe candle.

Plant and plant stand – My beautiful cactus-style plant is called a jade plant. I found it the other weekend at Lowes and love how it reminds me of a cactus but it has beautiful pink-lined leaves and isn’t prickly like a cactus – it is soft and smooth. The cute gray plant stand has little wooden legs and is from TJMaxx!


Outdoor string lights  – both sets of my string lights are from Target. One has a very defined circular shape while the other style is like the vintage/Edison style lightbulbs that are so popular now. I strung them both on command strip hooks attached to the siding/wall of the patio.

Wall hanging – the cute “It’s all good” décor piece is from Hobby Lobby. I found it when I was there this weekend looking for something specific for another room in my house and I loved the palm tree and floral outline. It goes perfectly with my color scheme and I thought to myself “what a great mantra”. So now each time I’m on my patio I’ll have the reminder that it’s all good and I’m grateful to be spending some time outside and enjoying the fresh air and summer days and nights in an outdoor space.


As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read! I hope that if you haven’t pulled your patio furniture out of the garage yet this will inspire you to do so and give your outdoor space a little TLC so that you can take advantage of the beautiful weather ahead of us. Have a wonderful week!!


xoxo Jen


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