diy fall wreath

Hi, everyone! It has been quite awhile since I busted out a DIY project and shared it with all of you so this weekend I wanted to make sure that changed! A few weeks ago at my favorite local resale store/junk boutique I saw a fabric wreath and thought it would be something fun to try making on my own. At a craft show in Fargo I bought a bundle of a variety of yellow, light blue, gray, and white patterned fabric squares. I hadn’t found a project to use them with yet so I knew that this would be just the thing 🙂

The only other supplies that this project required was a wire floral wreath form (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $4.99) and a pair of scissors! You can see a shot of the supplies below on the fun rug in my spare bedroom/craft room – which if definitely one of my favorite spots in my house! The white faux fur stool really adds to the fun when I’m working on a project!

The squares of fabric I bought were quite large so I cut them all into small strips that could be used for tying. I found a strip the size of about 10″ by 2″ to be the best for the “look” I was going for but there is no right or wrong answer here! I cut the strips in a few different size lengths to start and tested them out by tying them on the wreath to see how much overhang they had and if they were too long or too short to easily be tied around. A sharp and strong craft scissors would be best in this case (which I definitely DID not use!) so I highly recommend having a strong scissors as it will make the fabric cutting a breeze and cut back on time for this already short project.


In the photo above you can get a better view of the floral wreath form that I mentioned. I bought the larger of the two sizes that were at Hobby Lobby because that size fits my front door shape nicely. You can also see the pile of the strips of fabric on the arm of the couch. After you are done cutting all of your fabric strips the only things left to do is get tying! I laid the fabrics out in piles separated by pattern so that I could make sure as I tied I grabbed from different piles to evenly distribute the patterns around the wreath. As I added more and more strips I held the form away from me so I could see if one pattern was looking heavier in one spot than other so that I could make sure to add to spots that needed more or less of one color/pattern to keep it balanced.

All in all this project took me about 2 and a half hours to complete (with a no good pair of scissors AND being left-handed, which makes me even slower at anything involving scissors) so you could certainly accomplish this more quickly than me. I didn’t pack my wreath form full of strips so I ended up having a pile of leftover fabric which I may decide to add later or use for another projects. I decided to stop when I felt the wreath looked fully formed enough but not overly done when I hung it on the door.


I hung the wreath from a wreath hanger and it perfectly frames the only constant on my front door throughout the seasons: a simple gold wooden “home” that I found in the Target dollar spot a couple of years ago. I affixed it to the frame of the window on my door with command strips and I love using it as the center piece of any door hanging or wreath I used throughout the year and seasons. Since it was getting dark tonight when I took the photos of it on the door it’s not the best lighting but I love how the colors and different patterns play off of one another and add interest versus just having one pattern throughout.


This small project would be an easy way to make a wreath for any season of the year – Christmas themed fabric would be a lot of fun for a holiday wreath and brightly colored floral fabrics would be perfect for a spring/summer front door piece. With the low cost (less than 25 dollars) of this project I can see myself making another wreath like this for a different season next year! Thanks for following along. I hope to have some more home-related projects for you soon. Have a great week!


xoxo Jen

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