family weekend recap

Hi, everyone! Last weekend was spent down in the twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul with my family – including time further east in Stillwater, Minnesota and Hudson, Wisconsin. I wanted to share a short recap with some photos of things that we did as a family as well as some of the food we ate…of course 😀

My brother lives in the twin cities and my parents and I were making the trip down for the weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding in Stillwater. We took an extra day and headed down on Friday so that we could arrive in the cities by mid-afternoon in order to go to the Minnesota Twins game that night as a family! Since we could take our time on Friday on the drive down we made a pit stop in the town of Freeport, Minnesota to enjoy a late lunch at Charlie’s Café. My mom had stopped there before and it’s “small town famous” so she wanted my dad and I to experience it too! It was the cutest place decorated in all yellow & red on the outside and was a classic “sit down and eat” diner where the waitresses are moving so fast it’s hard to understand how they keep it all straight. I went with a classic cheeseburger and upgraded to waffle fries because that is NEVER a bad idea. It was a solid meal and I would be happy to stop back there again sometime on another trip to the cities.



I love baseball and Target field is a beautiful park to enjoy a game. I’ve been to a handful of games there so far since it was constructed and I’ve been to both day games and nights games. The park is situated with a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline as the sun goes down and the buildings light up. We sat on the third base line so that we could have a prime view. The weather was beautiful and the game ended up being a great one with lots of good hitting to enjoy. We always have to get a picture when the four of us are together and this one turned out pretty amazingly…might even be Christmas card potential!


Our hotel in downtown Minneapolis was near a handful of the theatres in the MSP including the State Theatre and the Orpheum. On a walk around the neighborhood in search of coffee prior to the game my mom and I stumbled across an amazing mural wall that stopped me in my tracks. All of you know how much I love color and this was stunning. I have seen a handful of full-wall murals in Minneapolis before but this was the first time I had seen this one so I couldn’t pass up getting a picture. The saying on the mural is a lyric from the Prince song “Baby I’m a Star” so it doesn’t surprise me that a local artist wanted to showcase (and memoralize) one of their beloved and one of the greatest ever. I’m unsure if the mural was there before Prince’s death or not but if it wasn’t this was a great tribute. It was a good cloudy overlay at the time so the lighting in the picture turned out great!


After our evening in downtown Minneapolis we headed further east to Hudson, Wisconsin where our hotel was (just across the St. Croix river from Stillwater, Minnesota where the wedding was!) We waited to have lunch on Saturday until we got to Hudson because we wanted to find a fun new place to try. We hopped on Yelp to find a good restaurant suggestion and decided to try out something unique – a Caribbean restaurant called San Pedro Café. We definitely weren’t disappointed as the selection was really unique and we got to enjoy some great food and even better margaritas. The margarita menu was extensive and so we ordered three different ones to try – a sunset, a mango, and a blood orange jalapeno. For my meal I chose a unique pizza – pulled pork, mango salsa, mozzarella, crushed red pepper, cilantro, and a spicy lemon aioli sauce. It hit all the marks for a combination of smoky, spicy, and sweet which I loved! This is definitely a place I would go back to next time I’m in Hudson!


We sat outside on their beautiful patio filled with tropical flowers…it was so well tied in with the ambience that it didn’t feel like you were in the Midwest at all. Our waitress talked about how the person who designed their florals really outdid themselves this year. Below is a photo of the walkway to the restaurant from the back alley, covered in beautiful sprawling greens. It reminded me a lot of time spent in places like Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands with such beautiful landscapes. 


As I mentioned earlier the whole reason for our trip was to attend a family wedding in Stillwater. My cousin Julie got married and the reception was held in a great restaurant in downtown Stillwater. I took a photo of my wedding look for the Instagram account for my blog – wearing my favorite summer dress! Yellow has been my latest obsession and I love a good floral print any time of the year, but especially in the summer. My lipstick is the matte cream lip color from NYX cosmetics that has been a big game-changer for me in the lipstick world.


We had a great weekend together as a family and it’s always fun to put together a recap for all of you in case you find yourselves in Minneapolis/St.Paul or Stillwater/Hudson anytime soon. Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!


xoxo Jen

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