target beauty box review

It comes as no surprise to all of you regular readers that I am a big fan of two things – Target and subscription boxes. So when I learned that Target was doing a subscription-type box you BETTER believe I was all over that 🙂


Each month Target has at least one (if not multiple) beauty boxes that you can order. They announce the new boxes by email and it is usually around the 10th of the month. I has made sure to watch out for the emails each month because they tend to sell out really quickly!! Admittedly I have never looked on the website to see if they’re listed there but I have no doubt they are when they’re available. I have always followed the link straight from the emails announcing them to make my selection.

I just received this month’s box in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share the details with all of you. There were multiple box options this month and I chose to buy the one with a “Rejuvenation” theme because um, that sounds amazing, and 100% like something I need! Each of the box options is fully detailed and shows all of the products that you will get. Some of the products in the box are full size and some are sample size so it’s a nice mix of products to try and you have full transparency up front about what you’re going to get so there is no guess work.

I apologize that the lighting in that picture is so poor but that shows the full break down card of all of the products in the box. It also always comes with a coupon for your next beauty/skin care purchase at Target which is perfect if you end up going to buy more or a full-size version of one of the products if you love it! It’s almost as if Target planned it that way…..hmmm… 🙂

My box from this selection includes a face sheet mask, a 3-day tooth whitening kit, a charcoal body scrub, coconut scented dry shampoo, a foaming mousse body wash, a leave in hair mask, and a facial scrub. I just started the 3-day whitening kit last night and I’m excited to see what the results are over the course of these few days. I am really excited to try out the rest of the products because they are all new to me and the sample sizes give me the perfect preview. That way if there is anything I completely love I can add it to my list for the next time I’m in the store!


I can’t leave without sharing the most important detail about this box which is something I could hardly believe the first time I ordered it….the entire box of products is only $7.99! Yes, you read that right. The price is incredible and encourages you to try without having a worry that you’ll not like any of the products and had spent a big chunk of cash. Also as I mentioned earlier you can see the complete contents of the box before ordering so you can do your research on the products up front so you aren’t surprised.

If you have any questions about the box please don’t hesitate to ask! This is a fun and essentially really low-risk way to try out new beauty products and a fun way to stay “on trend” when it comes to skincare, health, and beauty products 🙂

As always you all rock; thank you so much for reading! Be back again soon!


xoxo Jen

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