daily harvest review

Hi all! I hope that you enjoyed a sweet weekend. I love Sunday evenings and I’m enjoying writing this post for all of you on my couch while watching the beautiful sunset out my front window.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I was up to a few painting projects this weekend so I’ll look forward to sharing some before and afters of those soon 🙂 For tonight I wanted to give you a short review post on the Daily Harvest products I have been trying over the last few weeks!

I learned about Daily Harvest through one of my favorite wellness bloggers on Instagram. They are a company that produces fresh smoothies, overnight oats/oatmeal, and soups that are sent to you in the mail in a big box packed with dry ice to keep them food safe.

This company is on a subscription basis so you can choose a plan based on how frequently you want to receive the cups as well as how many cups you want per box. Similar to other subscription boxes you can skip any weeks that you don’t want to receive an order and can skip as many in a row as you want. I have had two orders come to me so far because I got 9 cups each time. I spaced them out and now I have a fresh box so I probably won’t need to order for awhile!

I have been using the smoothies as either a breakfast option or a quick snack/light supper on nights when I got to either softball or class in the evening. The overnight oatmeal is amazing and a great option to grab out of the fridge and bring to work with me in the morning. I haven’t tried any of the soups yet but down the road I plan to!

Below is a photo of 8 of the 9 cups I Just got in my most recent order. The writing on the cups is small and tough to see the flavors so here is what I ordered:

Smoothiesmango & greens, mango & papaya, cacao & avocado, cold brew & almond, chai & coconut, apples & greens

Overnight oatschocolate & banana


I have always had every intention of being a smoothie/juice queen but have never been able to make combinations work or create great levels of flavor through experimentation. This has been an awesome option for me. I’m hoping that the combinations of the shakes I’ve had so far can inspire me to work on making my own smoothies more often in the future and using this subscription infrequently when I want to stock up for fast options.

Daily Harvest uses only the simplest of ingredients and lists them in large bold type on the side of each cup. I love looking at what’s inside and seeing that the ingredient list is so simple and fresh without added sugars. I am planning to take on another Whole30 in August and I’m looking forward to ordering some possibly compliant smoothies from here for my month! The cup in the photo below has been my favorite so far. I love cold brew coffee and so this combination with added almond milk and blended up is DELICIOUS!

The last thing I want to share is how simple these are to make. Each of them comes in their own single serve cup and they all need to be stored in the freezer (so make sure you have enough room for your order!) When you’re ready to make a cup just take it out of the freezer and take off the cover and plastic over the top. Then you add a liquid of your choice and fill to the top of the cup – I use plain water for some flavors, sometimes I use coconut water, and many of the options are great with almond milk (or any other type of milk of your choosing!) Then you dump the full contents of the cup into your blender and blend it up. Then you can pour it right back in the cup because it fits perfectly 🙂 Each cover has a straw hole in it so you can use a reusable straw and take the cup with you to go!

If you’re interested in checking our Daily Harvest you can head to their website here and see all of the plan options as well as all of their selections for smoothies, oatmeal, and soup. I haven’t come even close to trying all of the flavors so I’m looking forward to getting another order! Also, since I have ordered from Daily Harvest before all of you can use this link to get three cups free on your first order!!


I hope you all had a wonderful week. Excited to be back soon with more on my projects from this weekend. Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Jen

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