fourth of july preview

Hi, all! I apologize that I’ve been on a short hiatus from a post. School has been crazy so this has gone on the back burner a little bit. I find myself looking more and more forward to graduating and having much more free time to dedicate to creating content and growing my blog.

As a short and sweet preview for one of THE best days of the year on Wednesday I thought I would share my 4th of July outfit as well as my family’s plans πŸ™‚ I always love seeing the fun pictures and events going on around this time of year from my friends and family. With it being a mid-week this year I know it changes lots of people’s plans but I hope many of you are enjoying some lake and family/friend time.

In my family, the Fourth of July is not only America’s birthday it is also my Grandpa Roger’s birthday. Every year we throw a heck of a party to celebrate another year of life for him and it has grown in to quite the celebration. My dad comes from a large family with many siblings so when we get all of us together: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids, great-grandkids, dogs…it is quite the group!

We all gather in my hometown and spend the day in my aunt and uncle’s backyard. Everyone MUST come dressed in their Independence Day best. If you don’t wear red, white, and blue I don’t think they would let you in!! We usually kick off the day with a parade down the block with all of the grandkids and dogs with Grandpa leading the charge. Then we head inside to enjoy the smorgasbord of food that everyone contributes. Bratwursts of all flavors from a local meat store are always the main course surrounded by salads, fruit, beans, potato dishes, and much more.


Once we’re all weighed down from our huge meal we head to the backyard where North Dakota’s largest (and most organized) bean bag tournament takes place. My aunt Susan is the commissioner of the tournament so she decides upon the criteria for pairing up people in teams and then creates the bracket for the day. We spend hours back in the sun with 2 different sets of boards in a double-elimination tournament. The stakes are high and sometimes we aren’t the friendliest to each other but it’s all in good fun and that’s what happens when your whole family has a competitive spirit πŸ™‚


The day is capped off with the announcement of the winning teams and everyone gets to make their selection from the prize table in order of their finish in the tournament. The best part of the day comes when Grandpa Roger takes a seat in his lawn chair with his Uncle Sam hat surrounded by his birthday gifts. We all sit back and enjoy watching him open them up as we indulge in homemade ice cream (always in three flavors: one blue, one red, one white – my favorite being the “blue”berry cheesecake) and a selection of cakes – carrot, chocolate….you name it, we probably have it!


As for this year’s outfit: I typically wear a fun sundress but I decided to go a more sporty/casual route this year. I headed to Target for some inspiration (not surprise there!) and found a couple of great items

  • The fun United States flag hat was from Target for $12.99. It will keep the sun out of my eyes while I’m playing and also helps to cover up any possibility of a bad hair day: a win-win situation!
  • This red and white striped short sleeve top is from the Xhilaration brend at Target and was $24.99 but all clothing was 20% off when I was there on Cartwheel so I saved some money that way. I love the fun long tie in the front – knotted and tied shirts are so trendy right now and this shirt will be great to wear all summer long!
  • My navy blue leggings are Calvin Klein activewear brand and are from TJMaxx. I love the criss-cross pattern at the bottom of the back of the legs. It adds fun interest and my bet is that I will get a really interesting tan line from them too (haha!)
  • My manicure and pedicure will both be bright white from Sinful colors – less than $3 at Target. I have become a big fan of white nail polish this summer so I’m expecting to keep the same style throughout the summer. Especially as I get more tan it stands out and looks great with sandals and darker skin.
  • My comfy woven brown sandals are from DSW but they were purchased a couple of summers ago! Really fun for summer and go with practically everything!

I hope that you all have a wonderful 4th of July. I can’t wait to see the fun photos and memories you create on your own adventures πŸ™‚ Be back with more soon and as always, thanks so much for reading!



xoxo Jen

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