bonus room progress

Happy snowy Sunday to all of you!

This week I wanted to share a short and sweet post about the progress I have been making in the second bedroom at my house. Since it’s just me and Luna in our townhouse the other bedroom is free to be a fun bonus room where I can have some space to do things like play piano, read, do yoga and much more!

Throughout the past year the second bedroom kind of became the “catch all” for things that I didn’t have a space for or things that I needed to re-organize. Thankfully a few weeks ago I was able to focus a whole weekend on sorting through everything, re-organizing the closet, and donating any items and clothing that I no longer use or wear.

Once the room was back down to it’s shell I was able to tackle some additional decorating and re-work the space which has been a ton of fun 🙂 I have a fun indoor/outdoor chair that isn’t quite set up yet that will become a part of the room also but below I’ll share photos of the different corners of the room up close and explain where I got all of the décor so you can seek it out yourself if you’re interested in any of it!


As you walk in the door – straight ahead and the wall on the right side is what is pictured above. I loved incorporating mainly a black and white canvas but with a BIG punch of color thrown in. Even though a lot of the pieces are black and white the differences in texture here are key. It adds interest even though the same color palette can be found throughout and keeps things interesting!

Tapestry – the wall tapestry is certainly the showstopper in this room. I hung it right away when I moved in but since I hadn’t been utilizing the room much it was sadly not being showcased as it should! I purchased this online about a year and half ago from a company called Natural Life. They carry lots of fun products and a lot of them are boho inspired.

Striped wallpaper – the strips of black and white patterned wallpaper that are on both the left and right side of the tapestry are from Target. The brand is called “devine” and you can find this style of removable wallpaper and many others in the same aisle as the canned paint and spray paint. This was my first attempt at removable wallpaper and I’ve always wanted to give it a try. It wasn’t extremely difficult to work with but it definitely takes some time and detail focus. The big downside to this was the cost…it’s $30 for one roll of the paper and it doesn’t get you far. But it is really fun to use as a small accent in a space. They lots of patterns and textures – – even paper that is meant to look like shiplap, white brick, subway tile, and much more!

Ottoman – the white faux fur ottoman is also from Target  – their Project 62 collection. I love the texture it adds to the room and the gold hairpin legs are very elegant and give a perfect pop of metallic accent.

Futon and pillows – the black futon with silver angled legs I purchased at Target when I first moved into my townhouse. It converts nicely to a really attractive looking couch and I love that the side can be folded up to look like arms of a couch. The large black and white patterned pillow I have had since I was a freshman in college and I can’t recall where I got it…but the two smaller accent pillows (gold sequined and metallic floral pattern) are both from Gordmans and were purchased a couple of years ago.

Hanging planter – one of my best friends, Lynsi, had this adorable white stone 2-tier hanging planter in her last apartment where she had lots of sunlight. When she moved to a new spot she didn’t have as much sunlight as she needed to keep the cacti and succulents alive so she asked if I’d be up for taking the planter and giving it a new home! I was super excited to get some new plant babies and I LOVE the way the planter looks in the corner.

Wall hangings – the fun crossword puzzle theme clock was a gift from my mom and I’m not sure where she got it! I love to do word puzzles so it was perfect for me. The gold glittered “bless your heart” canvas is from TJ Maxx and the “work hard and be nice to people” hanging is from Amazon. I saw a very similar poster hung in a house that Chip and Joanna did on Fixer Upper and I was drawn to it. What a sweet and simple mantra to remember 🙂


The other large wall in the room was completely blank before this weekend so I set out on a shopping mission to change that! My keyboard was previously in the corner more near the window but after I set up this new décor wall I thought it looked great set up right underneath it! Now the area under the window is open for me to be able to do yoga and I still have the sunlight pouring in when I play.

Keyboard and bench – My awesome parents got me my keyboard and piano bench while I was in college. I remarked to them that I missed being able to play piano in my college apartment and so they got this for me as a Christmas gift so I could still play and have something that took up way less room! I haven’t been playing much piano lately and I’m hoping with the new set up I will focus on getting back into practicing as it’s always been a stress reliever/relaxation technique for me.

Rug – the awesome multi-color woven circular rug is from Hobby Lobby and was less than $20 after I used my 40% off coupon!! I have been on the lookout for a rug like this on some different websites: Wayfair, Joss & Main, Overstock – but I haven’t been able to find one that is in the price range I am willing to pay. So it was a great surprise to find this one while shopping this weekend

North Dakota tapestry – this beautiful black and white tapestry was hand-drawn and I love the nod to my beautiful home state. I purchased it from a girl who works at a local boutique when she was moving and she is the artist!

Woven hanging, colored words, and canvas – All of the remaining items on the wall I also found at Hobby Lobby this weekend!! The color block words and the woven hanging were all in the new Spring collection and were 40% off making the words around $5 each and the hanging about $13. I love the texture of the woven piece and how the ends are dip-dyed in spring colors. The “no prob llama” canvas I laughed out loud at in the store and I was shopping with my neighbor Shyanne who convinced me that I definitely needed to buy it. I love how it looks with the rest of the items on the wall and it adds a fun element to the room 🙂

After that big project of hanging everything up and re-arranging Luna was pretty tired out…but she was a great helper as usual! I can always count on her to be observing and making sure that nothing goes wrong!


As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you were able to enjoy a snuggly Sunday snow day today. Winter had to get one last storm out of its system but I have a feeling spring will be here soon!


xoxo Jen



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