beauty product rundown

Happy Monday, everyone! This week I wanted to share some of my staple beauty products with all of you. I have a pretty simplistic beauty and makeup routine but in the last couple of years after college I have found the importance in a skincare regimen to keep my skin as healthy as possible, especially in our climate that can be so cold and dry in the winter. I’m also going to discuss some other products from my routine including hair care, makeup, and perfume.

Here is the picture of all of the products I’ll describe and discuss briefly. I’ll share where I got all of them and almost all can be found at your local Target (surprise, surprise!!)



Moisturizer – for the longest time I always used a basic moisturizer for both the morning and the evening that had an SPF base since I have such fair skin. This past year I read an article about the importance between evening and morning moisturizer and how it doesn’t make sense to use an SPF base moisturizer in the evening because you need something more focused on hydration than sun protection. A few months ago I changed to using two different products: an AM and a PM moisturizer. Both are CeraVe brand and I have LOVED them. I used this brand previously and it is really simplistic and doesn’t contain any fragrance or ascent which is always key for me. They are both from Target and range about $10 – $12 a bottle.

Hydrating face mask – as I am sure all of you have seen “face masks” have exploded this past year in popularity and now you can find them everywhere. It can be overwhelming because there are so many different options/types of masks. I have tried a fair number of different types of mask and really have landed on this “Hydrate” mask as my favorite. It is “miss spa” brand and can also be purchased at Target. They are between $2 and $3 per mask and it’s a sheet mask so you remove it from the backing and press onto your face and leave on for 20 minutes. I tend to use a mask about 2 nights per week and love the relaxing feeling of laying and closing my eyes while I wear it. I always use it right before I go to sleep because then after I peel it off I can let the excess soak in and work while I’m sleeping.

Under eye masks – these masks were a part of my winter FabFitFun subscription box and they are UNREAL. They are small half moon shaped masks that you place right below your eyes for 20-30 minutes. They help to re-energize the skin underneath your eyes and reduce the appearance of tired eyes. The brand name is Grace & Stella and they are $16 for a pack of 8 pairs of masks.



Dry shampoo  – I typically only wash my hair every 2nd day at most, but sometimes only every third day. A great dry shampoo is key to keep my hair looking clean after multiple days. Not Your Mothers is my favorite brand I’ve tried and I like the Beach Babe version because it has a nice coconut fresh scent to it and helps with the wavy/curly texture of my natural hair. This is also a Target item!

Hair oil – just like my skin, in the winter my hair tends to get quite dry instead of oily after a day or two without washing it. In order to add some oil and health back in to it I work Moroccan argan oil through it while it’s still damp after the shower and then add as needed in the days following to keep it from drying out. A little goes a long way with the oil and it adds a healthy shine to your hair. This is one version of the oil but you can also buy a version that is more like a spray. The brand is OGX and I also buy it at Target.



Mascara – I have tried dozens of mascaras over the years and about 2 years ago I found this one and have never looked back. I have really long eyelashes but they are so light blonde that I need to find something with the right kind of brush to get them to look natural and not too dark black. I use Maybelline Lash sensational (in NON waterproof – I’ve never been a waterproof mascara fan) in brown-ish black so it doesn’t have as dark of a coloring. I’m always crossing my fingers that they never discontinue this mascara because I don’t know what I’d do!!

Eyeshadow – I also use Maybelline brand for my eyeshadow: Color Tattoo 24-hour. This is a cream based eye shadow in a bronze gold shade. I like that it’s neutral but dressy so I wear it almost every day. I find that cream based shadow stays on all day and doesn’t build up in the creases liked powdered eye shadow tends to do for me.

Lip color  – for Christmas I received a set of small sized lip glosses from Bare Minerals. I really like this neutral shade of brown-ish pink that goes with everything at this time of year. Bare Minerals is sold at Sephora and stand alone stores as well!



Charcoal tooth whitener – This Molr coconut and charcoal based teeth whitening powder was also in one of my FabFitFun seasonal subscription boxes. It’s an interesting thing to use but once you get used to it it feels normal! Its just a black powder that you dip a special toothbrush in and then gently brush your teeth with for about 2-3 minutes. I use it about 3-4 times per week and it really has made a difference!

Perfume – Just this past week I purchased a new perfume from the new fragrance line at Target. The brand is called Good Chemistry and I purchased it in the roller ball because it’s easier to apply and has a longer lasting power than body spray in my opinion. I chose the “Daydreamer” scent and am really liking it after the first few days of using it. It was really affordable at $12.


I hope that these products are interesting to you! I look forward to sharing more beauty regimen products with you in the future and enjoyed sharing my basics with you. Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful week 🙂


xoxo Jen

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