scarf styling – 5 different ways!



Happy Monday, everyone! I delayed my post until tonight since I was enjoying the exciting SuperBowl last night and more importantly the This Is Us episode which couldn’t have been anymore emotional if they tried!!

This week I wanted to share some fun scarf styling with all of you. In recent years I feel like my accessory interests have slowly shifted from looking for fun shoes to looking for fun scarves. When I look at the scarf ladder in my room I can’t even remember where I got most of these scarves or how I ended up with so many but I LOVE using them in different ways with my outfits; and not only in the winter and fall. I have lots of brightly colored scarves that are lighter weight and fun to wear and accessorize with in the summer as well.

I find it best to organize my scarves by color. That way I can easily find one that matches the outfit I am picking out and I don’t have to sort through to find something specific. I bought this ladder at a garage sale and painted it turquoise to match with the rest of my bedroom theme. An easy and inexpensive organization tool that lots of people also use for blanket storage!


In order to take full advantage of these fun scarves I wanted to learn some new ways to style them and tie them that aren’t the typical wrap around the neck or double wrap of an infinity scarf. Last winter in the dollar spot/front section of Target I found this awesome book that had 25 different ways to tie a scarf. I loved the photos and the detailed step by step drawings so I could easily follow along. I also appreciated that they have different styling options for a variety of types of scarves (square, oblong, long and skinny, bigger blanket scarves, etc). Even though this book is long gone from Target’s dollar section I have no doubt you could find it on Amazon or another website by searching for it! Lauren Friedman is the author 🙂


I chose 5 of my favorite styles from the book to tie and share photos of with all of you. This post will be quite photo heavy since I just wanted to share pictures of the instructions with you rather than re-typing or explaining in my own words. I tried to focus the photos on the words so they are easy for you to read and try out yourself if you would like to!

Once you get through the instruction photos for each I have a photo of myself at the end with a scarf tied each way so you can see it in “real life”. I also have the illustrations from the book for each so you can get a general idea of how they are supposed to turn out!

  1.  The Tie – to be used with a long oblong scarf, thinner is better here 


This is a good option for a dressier outfit at work and a fun patterned scarf. By wearing a plains solid color blouse and a fun scarf over the top this style of knot has a masculine undertone as it mimics a neck tie.

2. The Fan – this is also meant for an oblong scarf 


This is a fun style to be worn even with a thicker fabric scarf in the winter. It creates some interest and allows the scarf to cover almost your whole front.

3. The Boy Scout – you need a bandana style or square scarf for this one!


I like this style because it allows the scarf to be visible in both the front and the back. By having the fold with the pointed corner down the middle of your back it makes the scarf extend and add interest to the back of your outfit as well!

4. The Bunny Ears – this also needs an oblong scarf and the thinner the better


This is a good style to choose if you have a scarf that you really want it to stand out or be the star of the outfit. It almost turns your scarf into a statement necklace and is a good method for winter because it keeps your neck warm under a jacket! It also works well with summer scarves that are thin and light. It looks pretty with a sundress or with a jean jacket

5. The XX – this can work with any oblong scarf both thick or thin


This is one of the simplest methods in the book to do but I feel like it adds a really fun difference to the styling of an outfit. I do this often with my thick blanket style plaid scarves in the winter because it allows me to spread the scarf out over my shoulders and create more of a wrap feel but the X in the front adds some fun dimension!

Here are photos of each of the 5 styles on me and matched up with their book illustration!

Clockwise from top left: The Tie, The Fan, The Bunny Ears, The Boy Scout, The XX

I hope this post gives you some new inspiration for styling your scarves as we reach the middle of winter. It’s always nice to change things up and this is an easy way to do something new with items that you already own in your closet! Have a wonderful week and as always thanks so much for reading 🙂


xoxo Jen

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