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Happy Sunday, everyone 🙂 I have had a nice, relaxing and low-key weekend. Sitting down to write for all of you is the perfect way to wrap up the week. On my Instagram page I have shared a few photos from my office since moving in to a new space a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed decorating it and creating it into an inspiring space for me during the workweek. A few people have asked some questions about where I got my décor so I thought I would share a full office tour with all of you!

My co-workers love to swing in to my office and check it out as I add new things. Many of them have also asked me to take over their office next! In my two previous jobs I didn’t really have a defined space that belonged only to me so I didn’t invest in any type of office supplies or décor since it wasn’t really an option for me. Starting at Altru this past spring was my first time getting my own personal office and I was so excited to have a space to make my own. My thought process was that since I’m spending around 40-50 hours a week in that space I should make it somewhere I enjoy and feel calm and inspired to do good work.

I don’t remember what piece of décor sparked me to decide on the theme I ended up with but my office is decked out entirely in black, white, and gold. I like the clean color palette that is classic and easy to keep neutral and not feel overwhelming. It’s hard to tell the “size” of my office from these photos but it’s actually quite cozy. The large windows (the best part of the whole space!!) make it feel much bigger and especially since the windows don’t begin until halfway up the space so it has a “treehouse” feel. Especially when the trees are full of leaves.

I’ll share all the photos below and let you know where I got each of the items! I got everything at a variety of places and a good mix of things purchased more recently and items that I had had prior to and re-used in this space.

My amazing gray office chair with the fun riveted detail was a TJMaxx no-brainer. I found it last winter and had used it in my house previously but once I moved to my new job brought it with me to utilize as my office chair.

Behind the door of my space I have two hook: one black and one gold, both from Target, to hold my large work bag/purse and my jacket. I like that the black hook has a wide piece to easily distribute the weight of my often heavy work bag. It also keeps things off the floor and more organized.

The wall to the left as soon as you walk in the door houses this small three-shelf black bookcase from Target. It works great as storage for reference books and other notes and items. On top of the bookcase is a fun funky gold geometric battery-operated lamp from TJMaxx. The unique circular gold mesh metal shelf unit is from Target and it actually from the “pillowfort” children’s décor collection. It works perfectly for my cute, small cacti and succulent plants and I use the middle shelf to display my different coffee mugs that I keep at my office. I wrapped a set of battery-operated LED fairly lights around the shelving unit to add some additional light, especially in the mornings.

**Of note, I have never enjoyed fluorescent lights and the harsh feeling they give me, especially after long period of time. Since I have such big windows in my office to produce natural light I only utilize lamps and the LED lights in my office and never turn on the overhead lights. It helps to keep me feeling calm and relaxed throughout the day 🙂 **

On the largest wall to the left of my desk I have this mini-gallery wall of the black, white, and gold inspiration. The black and white polka dot canvas “Choose Happy Everyday” was purchased at Gordmans. The “Wherever you go go with all your heart” hanging is from TJMaxx. The fun black lighted “J” is from Target and the small metal “r” is from Hobby Lobby.



To the left of my computer monitors and on my “guest” space when I have employees or others in my office houses my favorite show-stopper lamp from Target. Faux marble base and then a gold stand and dome. It looks a lot like a high end streetlamp/streetlight to me and it gives me lots of light at my work space. For the winter season I bought a small frosted white tree and a galvanized metal bucket from Picks, and then strung a fun set of bronze star lights from Target around the tree for even more light. It’s a fun all winter long piece that I will take down in the spring and replace with something more appropriate for the season. In the front I have my favorite letter board from Hobby Lobby with currently a very “New Year” appropriate motto – May you choices reflect your hopes, not your fears – My co-workers love to come by and check out whatever quotes and sayings I change it to over time.

On the right side of monitors and just below the window is my larger work space. The company who provides our desks also provided me with two large memo/tack boards to be able to hang reference materials and photos. To dress up the boards (that were covered in a scratchy blue material) I bought some fun black and white striped fabric that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I cut and measured pieces that were the right size and then pulled tight over the back and stapled for an easy design hack that makes a huge difference. I use one board as a display for sweet photos of my family, friends, and Luna. I also have two dictionary page prints that I purchased at the Unglued craft show from a vendor last year. The second board I use as a reference board for frequently accessed documents so they are easy to see.

The large window ledge provides another fun spot for décor and additional details. IN the middle of the ledge I have a really fun chicken wire basket with a variety of glass bottles that was purchased all together at Kirklands in Fargo (LOVE that place). My plan is to change the items inside the bottles with the seasons but for this winter I have added some fun wintry magic looking items. I found the 3 large, dramatic frosted birch branches and the shorter gold leaf floral stems at Hobby Lobby. I love how it looks in front of the window! I also have my framed NDSU diploma displayed and it is very rare that I don’t have some fresh flowers up on the ledge to provide some life and good smell to the room! This wintry arrangement was $7 at Target last week 🙂

On the wall behind me when I’m working at my desk (alongside the two hooks from the beginning of the post) I have a fun framed portrait of the lovely Audrey Hepburn from Gordmans and a really beautiful black and cream woven yarn hanging/mini tapestry from Hobby Lobby. Above my monitors I purchased one additional large cork board from Target for less than 10 dollars. I covered it with another great black&white patterned fabric find from Hobby Lobby and use it to display this amazing oversized art calendar from Zandbroz in downtown Fargo.

My office is certainly a happy place for me and I love spending time in there and being as productive as possible during the week. I hope you all enjoyed checking out some of the pictures! As always, thanks so much for reading and I wish you a great week ahead. See you next Sunday


xoxo Jen

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