Rent the Runway experience ðŸ’ƒ

happy Sunday, everyone!

I have a short and sweet post for you this week but wanted to share a new experience I had last week when trying a new service that I had heard a lot about.

Those that follow me in my personal Instagram probably saw a post from New Year’s Eve. This past year I was on the board of directors for my local Young Professionals organization and one of the duties of my committee seat was to plan the annual charity gala event that takes place on NYE.

The prep for the event was crazy and time consuming but I have an amazing committee of people who made it so much better and we put together an amazing event that we’re proud of! Since the prep for the event was so crazy I found myself a couple of weeks before the event wondering what the heck I was going to wear to my own gala!! Then I remembered a service I had heard about from friends and decided it would be the perfect time to try it out…enter Rent the Runway 🙂

This website (or app) allows you to rent (or buy) designer dresses, gowns, cocktail length, full length, you name it! This concept is genius because the kind of dress I was looking for to wear on the red carpet at this event was not something that I would probably find myself wearing more than once or twice.

Investing in a gown like that to only wear it on a few occasions isn’t very budget friendly. Rent the Runway has made getting gowns like that both budget friendly and easy!! I perused the app and searched based on certain parameters that I was looking for:

– full length

– in my specific size

– within my budget (picked a price range)

This narrowed down the options the app presented to me and I could look through and see if any styles caught my eye. My favorite thing about the app is that not only are there photos of the gown from the app itself on a model but there are also photos of other customers who have ordered the dress shown in the reviews and comments.

This really eased my main concern of ordering the dress in my “normal” size but not have it fit properly. As many of you I’m sure have also experienced there is no way to pinpoint your typical size because it can be so different from brand to brand! This way when I found the dress I wanted I could read the reviews and see pictures of others who had had the same dress and how it fit them (true to size, runs small, runs big). There is also an opportunity for them to list their own size, height, and weight and bust size to help you compare and really find the best size for you.

Once I made my selection I chose my preferred size and then they also allow you to choose a 2nd size at no extra cost! That way you have two of the same dress that arrives and then you avoid any size emergencies right before your event.

My first experience couldn’t have been better. The floor length wine red Monique Lhulier dress that I selected fit me really well and gave me the perfect elegant look I was going for for this event. The top was sheer paneled lace with really pretty floral detailing. I didn’t get a good photo of the back but it was a big open keyhole which was dramatic and classy.

Here are a few more photos from that night that give a better full length shot of the dress. It was so fun to take photos on the red carpet with my friends and committee who were there to support me for this big event!! I felt like a real life version of the red dancing girl emoji 💃 all night long!

As for the rental period, I chose to have the dress arrive 2 days before my event. It was a four day rental so this gave me one day after my event to get the dresses bagged back up and dropped off at the UPS store for delivery back. Rent the Runway takes care of the dry cleaning and laundering and also pays the return shipping!

As for cost, since it was my first time ordering I had a 20% off code which helped a little on the price. My total cost for the 4-day rental, tax, and shipping was just under $55 dollars. Without the code I would have been closer to $70-75 but I still find that really affordable to get a high end designer gown!

I don’t have any events on the horizon that would require me to get another cocktail dress or gown but I’m really looking forward to utilizing Rent the Runway again when it’s time for me to find the perfect dress!! I highly recommend it to anyone who might be looking for something fancy but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!! I’ll be back next Sunday 🙂


xoxo Jen

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