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Hello, everyone! I hope that you all have started to feel the magic of this season of the year. At the beginning of this week a blizzard rolled into town and gave us back our hope of a White Christmas 🙂 I know many of you may be sad about the snow but I’m excited that it’s back!

As Christmas approaches I figured it would be more than appropriate to write about one of my favorite Christmas topics: Christmas music. My close friends and family know about my deep personal love for Christmas music and all are ashamed when I break out my CDs and my pandora stations and playlists the day after Halloween….I can’t help my excitement. I love Thanksgiving as much as the next person but since there isn’t any “Thanksgiving music” that I’m aware of I hop right on the Christmas music train.

Over the years I have collected lots of “favorites” when it comes to my Christmas music and I love that my car has a 6-CD changer. It allows me to load in 6 CDs from my collection and keep them playing on random throughout the season. Admittedly I have more than 6 CDs for Christmas so I switch them out every couple of weeks but leave my favorites in as much as possible! I even created a big Apple Music playlist this year of all of my favorite and I listen it in my office during the day on my bluetooth speaker.

For those of you who love Christmas music as much as me (or enjoy it in a more reasonable amount…haha) I wanted to share a handful of my favorite Christmas albums for you to check out. MANY artists have ventured into the Christmas album realm over the years. Some are awful….but some are excellent. Here are some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy checking them out!


Chris Tomlin – Adore

This Chris Tomlin songs of worship for Christmas album came out in 2015 but I didn’t end up purchasing it until last year around this time. I was blown away by the CD on my first listen through and the music is truly beautiful. My first time listening to “Noel” from this album I was in my car driving to work last December. I was so overcome with emotion while listening to it that I was brought to tears. This is a great Christmas album for someone who appreciates worship music in general. Come and see what God has done….

If you only listen to one track: Noel – Chris Tomlin and Lauren Daigle 


Michael Buble Christmas

This album really doesn’t need much explanation. It’s been a consistent listen for me since it came out in 2011 and Buble’s voice reminds me of those classic voices of my grandparent’s era of music. It’s velvet and effortless and this is one example of a Christmas album gone TOTALLY right for an artist 🙂 Ave Maria is one of my favorite Christmas songs and his version is simply stunning.

If you only listen to one track: Ave Maria 


She & Him Christmas

I will preface this summary with one question: What can’t Zooey Deschanel do?? This lady makes me laugh harder than anyone in New Girl and I’ve always appreciated her individual spirit and eccentric style. Zooey teamed up with Matt Ward to form She & Him as a musical duo. Their short and sweet Christmas album is simple and raw. I appreciate the minimal nature of it and it’s something unique to listen to. Zooey’s voice is untouched and free which makes it all the better.

If you only listen to one track: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Lady Antebellum – On This Winter’s Night

This album is the one farthest removed from my normal taste in music but it has been a pleasant surprise. I had a couple of roommates in college who really enjoyed and appreciated country music which has never been an interest or liking of mine. I heard some Lady Antebellum through them and I believe that is where I first heard this CD as well. I really like the male and female combination dynamics in this trio and the music on this album is feel good listening for this season of the year!

If you only listen to one track: This Christmas

4050538244328_p0_v2_s550x406 (1)

Leslie Odom Jr. – Simply Christmas

Ahhh Leslie Odom Jr. can simply do no wrong. This man’s voice is something to be in awe of and I am SO HAPPY that he has a Christmas album. No one is quite like him stylistically and it’s just so impressive to listen to him and how he uses his voice as a beautiful instrument. The song I’m choosing below for you to listen to to check out the album has always been perplexing to me as far as why it’s considered a Christmas song…but just go with me on this one. His version is unreal…as a piano player I especially appreciate the piano solo during his version of the song.

If you only listen to one track: My Favorite Things


Frank Sinatra – Christmas

Ending my suggestions with a suggestion that is as classic as it can get. When I was looking to add more music to my Christmas playlist on my phone through Apple Music this came up as a suggestion and it couldn’t be more perfect. Mr. Sinatra is someone who doesn’t need any explanation. He’s as good as it gets and this album has all of the Christmas classics.

If you only listen to one track: The Christmas Song

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I hope this list of suggestions provided some new Christmas music ideas for all of you. As always, thanks so much for reading. I look forward to sharing more Christmas related things with you over the next couple of weeks. ❤


xoxo Jen

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