it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope that all of you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend filled with the celebration of Thanksgiving in places and with people you are thankful for 🙂 I sit on the couch tonight writing this post for all of you grateful for my home-ownership, my friends, and my ability to physically take on renovation projects at home. I officially wrapped up a BIG project this evening and I can’t wait to share the results with all of you in a couple of weeks on the blog once all of the finishing touches are completed.

Last weekend I was able to do a majority of my Christmas decorating as I knew I wanted to use this long weekend for my big renovation project. I added some final details to my decorations and am in the process of waiting for one more Christmas decor piece that I ordered from Etsy but since we are officially in the Christmas season after Thanksgiving I wanted to share my decorations with all of you to give you some inspiration as your prepare your own homes for this magical season!!

I am not going to add much commentary to go along with the photos but I will list where I got each of the items if you want to snag any of it yourself —

Front door/first impressions:

The left hand photo is just inside of my front door. This ornament wreath I made two years ago for my first post-college apartment and really based all of my future Christmas decoration colors on the ornaments I used to make it. I have embraced mainly decor that is non-traditional Christmas colors

The right hand photo is my front entry. I found the cute “oh what fun!” doormat at Target and I love the vintage car with the tree 🙂 My plain green wreath is from Menards and I attached a red bow along with hanging this wooden “Be Merry” sign that I bought at Picks antique store last Christmas season

Small details:

On my TV stand I have two signs from Hobby Lobby (Glory to the Newborn King and joyeux noel) as well as a nutcracker from Target, a set of bright colored wooden animals from Target, and the mint green wooden tree behind Luna’s toy basket is from Picks last year as well

Stockings and Bookcase:

I use my banister as the perfect place for stockings. Both stockings as well as both sets of garland (colored pom balls and white glittered stars) are from Target. The fun tinsel trees were also purchased at Target two years ago. I took to the basket trend this year and spray painted a pale yellow basket I no longer used in my living room a metallic silver for the mini trees to sit in.

On my book case I have lots of small decor pieces. All of the bottle brush trees are from Target ( I LOVE these trees; some of my favorite Christmas decorations). The silver/gold one on the top shelf was purchased last year but the pink/red/gold toned ones were all bought this year from the dollar spot at Target. The gorgeous white angel is from Hobby Lobby.  The silver angel on the bottom shelf was made by placing a wire angel I got from my aunt over a plain silver tree I bought at Menards. The gold deer and silver star were both purchased from Target a couple of years ago. The “Believe in the Magic of Christmas” sign is from Kittsona. And last but not least the beautiful wooden manager scene at the foot of the angel on the top shelf was a birthday gift from my parents this year. It is made from real olive wood found in the Holy Land and is such a great addition to my decor.

Table top and top of the stairs:

On my dining room table I created a scene with all pieces from Target. The yellow and pink bottle brush trees, the beautiful white and silver wooden deer, and the fun multi-colored advent calendar were all purchased at Target last Christmas season. The wooden and ribbon “joy” sign above the table I just found at Picks this weekend and the turquoise lettering makes it a perfect fit with the rest of my colors 🙂

The top of the stairs near my bedroom houses my third small tree which is a fun wooden rotating tree I bought at Picks last year. I added some fun garland and small ornaments to it to add a touch of Christmas to the upper level of my townhouse as well!

The cherry on top: The Tree!!!


The real showstopper this year is my brand new tree. I decided it was time to purchase a larger tree since I now had a house that could accommodate something bigger than the tree I used in my smaller apartment. This beautiful white flocked tree I purchased at Walmart. My ornaments and varieties of garland are all from either Hobby Lobby or Target.

The natural wood and glitter star tree topper was just purchased at Target this weekend to tie in with my wooden star hanging on the wall. I also decided to put my large Christmas tree in a basket this year since that is such a new tactic. I bought a plain wicker basket at Target (ensure that your tree stand will fit in whatever basket you choose!!!) and then bought a can of silver metallic spray paint and painted it to match my theme. This is the same spray paint I used on the other basket my smaller tinsel trees are in. I also love my burlap and silver tree skirt which was purchased at Target a couple of years ago so I chose to keep it underneath the basket so it could still be a part of the tree scene.

On my white chair I have a fun multi-colored beaded deer pillow that I got at Target a year or two ago. The silver JOY decor piece on my end table is from TJ Maxx and I have some great smelling pine wax melts in my warmer to keep my home smelling like a real tree 🙂 Another tip for those of you with an artificial tree: at Target (and probably other places too!) they sell pine/tree scented sticks that can go on ornament hooks and hang inside your tree so you can have that fresh Christmas-y smell from your non-real tree.

I hope that those of you who have already decided to decorate for the season have felt as much joy as I have as I prepare for this magical time of year. Getting my home ready for this season is one of my favorite things to do each year and I hope that you all experience that same warm feeling!! This might be my favorite photo of all. My sweet Luna puppy all tired out at the end of our first day of decorating. Sitting on the couch just like this and looking towards my tree is my favorite place to be this time of year.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week and excited to be back again soon with some more to share next Sunday 🙂 Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate all of you so much!


xoxo Jen

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