Whole30 results and recipes

Hello everyone! I am back from what seems like lengthy hiatus from the blog. The month of October was a blur and it’s crazy that we are already to mid-November. I am currently on a trip visiting one of my best friends in Seattle and had the chance to spend some time writing content to publish for the next few weeks đŸ™‚

The first thing I wanted to share with all of you was some results, recipes, and tips from my whole30 experience that I wrapped up last week. I began the 30 day program in mid-October with my mom and had a great experience during my thirty day reset.

As far as concrete and numbers based results I lost just under 20 pounds during the program. It was amazing to see the  changes that occurred during the month that aren’t as obvious to others that are commonly called non scale victories. I found that during the program I slept better than I have in a long time and also had a much easier time waking up in the mornings. I have also experienced clearer skin and healthier looking hair. And this is just to name a few!!

One of the largest victories of this program for me was the challenge it gave me to spend more time and energy being comfortable in the kitchen. I have never found myself trying to build on cooking skills or have an interest in being in the kitchen but whole 30 pushed me to get in the kitchen and try new things.

I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I said the month was easy. There were lots of trying and challenging days that I experienced throughout the program but once I got through the initial “sugar hangover” and sickness feelings of the first 5 days everything was pretty much smooth sailing. I avoided scenarios where I knew I would be tempted with foods I couldn’t have and that really made all the difference. After the second week I felt unstoppable and the routines became easier and the cravings lessened.


Here are some general tips for any of you that might be considering a whole 30 in your future:

– Find some breakfast options you enjoy that don’t involve eggs.As someone who doesn’t really enjoy eggs I easily got tired of them and had to find other options that worked for me in the morning.

– Planning and preparing on the weekends (or any other night that works for you) is essential to your success. By making your breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead of time you won’t be tempted by off plan and non complaint foods because you are prepared with foods you can have.

– Do your grocery shopping after you’ve eaten. I went to the grocery store a handful of times while I was hungry. Big mistake!! The temptations are real. Another grocery shopping tip: go to the store fully prepared with your list and one week at a time.

– Potatoes truly are amazing and can be used in so many ways. This was a staple food for my mom and I. We also found that soups were some of our go-tos for larger batch cooking.


Last but not least I wanted to share some of our favorite recipes that we tried during our month long program. most if them we made multiple times as they proved to be really flavorful and filling.

I know I said to find non egg breakfasts but this is a great option that includes eggs.I just found myself wanting something different after the first couple of weeks.

For a non egg breakfast option thing was my favorite. A sweet and hearty meal to start of the day. You can also get creative with your toppings. I enjoyed it next with fresh raspberries on top đŸ™‚

 As I mentioned earlier soup was one of our go-to meals. This was by far my favorite soup recipe that we tried. The red pepper flakes added a nice bite and the chicken apple sausage was really tasty.

 Last but not least I wanted to share this spiralized veggie recipe. You will eat a LOT of veggies during your thirty days so finding different ways to prepare them helps make things more fun. And who doesn’t like adding bacon to something!!??


All in all I am so happy I decided to give whole 30 a try. I love the new energy I’ve found be eating food that is good for me. I’m going to continue eating whole 30 as best I can between now and the holidays while allowing myself to have some of my favorites along the way. Then I plan to full on return to the plan for the month of January to continue my reset and work forward on my journey of becoming healthier. Especially in my food and eating practices and habits.

Thank you for reading and I’m happy to be back with some consistent content for all of you as we head into prime decorating season for the holidays!!!!


xoxo Jen

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