the week in review

Tonight I had a rare “writer’s block” episode as I was trying to think of what to share with all of you.  I have a few posts that are partially drafted and I am working to have them ready in the next couple of weeks because none of them are quite ready yet! I don’t have something very lengthy tonight but I wanted to share a short “recap” of my week and some of my posts from my Instagram account (@sugarspiceandstylethatsnice) where I try to post daily. On Instagram I can’t share too much information and get as wordy as I like to in my posts so this will give me a chance to elaborate on a few things from this last week 🙂


Over the last couple of weeks we have been undergoing a slight “office remodel” at work. Part of the remodel included creating a private office for both me and my co-worker who have been sharing a larger office space. They literally built a wall down the middle of our old office and created two separate spaces for us by adding another entrance and then re-installed some new desk set-ups. Now that I have an office space that is only mine and has a lot more blank wall space than before I figured I better get to work in decorating it! I have always wanted to create a “gallery wall” somewhere and don’t really have the right space for it in my townhouse. I was able to begin one with mostly items I already had.

  1. The “Choose happy everyday” polka dot canvas print I bought at Gordman’s when I first moved into my own apartment after my college graduation. I loved the phrase because it reminds me that happiness is truly something you can choose to pursue each day. It may not be easy to do but you can choose to get yourself in a positive mindset and wear a smile. I previously had it hanging in my living room but I figured my office would be a perfect place for it! My day-to-day work in Human Resources can sometimes be stressful so this will serve as a good reminder for me in my office space.
  2. The lighted “J” and metallic “R” are from Target and Hobby Lobby. The J previously sat on my dresser in my bedroom as it can either hang or stand. I thought in keeping with the black & white theme it would work to add it to my wall at work! The R I had purchase awhile ago but hadn’t found the right spot for yet so this was just right. Since this photo was taken I got the batteries in the J replaced so that I can flick the switch and have the J lit up as a light source. In my office I keep the fluorescent overhead lights in my office off throughout the day as they are too harsh for me to keep on all day. So I use a desk lamp and a decorative lamp along with the natural light from the window in my office to keep my work space more relaxing.
  3. The felt board is also from Hobby Lobby! This is the only thing on the wall that I purchase specifically for the space. I know how popular felt boards have become and I really wanted one for my house but I held off because I know I don’t have a place for it. When I found out about the office remodel I figured it would be a great thing to buy for that space! I like the fact that I will be able to change out the phrases and letters any time I want to. I decided to start by using part of the Magnolia Manifesto which is found at the end of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ quarterly magazine, The Magnolia Journal. This specific part of the manifesto really spoke to me: “And of all heroic pursuits, there may be none greater than a life well loved.” The phrase speaks volumes to me and reminds me that in the smallest of ways within my own life and small corner of the world pursuing a life that I love and am proud of is heroic in itself.

****Absolute and TOTAL side note butttt speaking of Chip and Joanna Gaines they had a  HUGE announcement today that they will be partnering with Target in a new brand and line called “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia” 😀 the products hit stores on November 5th and I am jumping for joy!! I can’t wait to see the partnership and Joanna shared that it will be continual as she will have new products throughout the seasons of the year instead of just a short term partnership. If you want to read more about the project and launch you can follow this link and read Chip’s blog post!****

Last week I also had a new app discovery. I saw an ad on Instagram and the app is called “Jane”. If any of you are familiar with/have bought something on Zulily it is a similar concept. The app functions as a third party seller for vendors and boutiques across the country and gives them a platform to sell their products. You can find clothing, shoes, accessories, purses/bags, home decor, storage products, pet products, and more for sale on the app and can sort by category when shopping. Most of the products are a VERY good price and the items are typically only available for a 72 hour period. Once a certain color or size of something is gone it’s gone.

I decided to order a couple of things that caught my eye and was really impressed with the timeliness of shipping, the ease of paying through the app, and the quality of the items I received. I got the white floral dress pictured above as well as the camel colored suede ankle boots. Both were under 30 dollars and they made the perfect beginning of fall outfit when paired with some mustard yellow leggings from LuLaRoe.

*Also in the pictures is my fun new fall welcome mat that I scored at Hobby Lobby for 50%. My old doormat was getting sun faded and I loved the fun floral pattern and mix of colors in this one. I am so excited to “welcome” fall as it is my favorite time of year!


By far the most exciting part of last week for me was getting to spend the weekend celebrating the bachelorette party of one of my best friends from college. We were in Stillwater and enjoyed a great afternoon in the park, followed by a dinner cruise on the St. Croix river, and capped off the evening with a trip downtown where we danced to a cover band until the early morning hours. It was SO refreshing and fun to see most of my best girl friends from NDSU and have all of us in the same place for the first time in nearly a year. I am so grateful for each of them and what they have brought to my life and I am really looking forward to seeing all of them again in a few weeks to celebrate the BIG wedding day 🙂

I hope all of you have had a great start to your week. I am looking forward to being back on my regular Sunday blog schedule this upcoming week so I will be back with all of you soon. Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Jen


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