fall trends at the fashion affair

Happy Sunday to all of you on this wonderful long weekend! My family and I returned from our vacation to NYC on Thursday and I am compiling a lot of pictures and information to share with you here on the blog soon!!

Before I left on my trip I was able to attend a unique event held in Grand Forks for the first time. A Fashion Affair is a local fashion show held downtown on the top of one of our parking garages! The location makes for such a fun and new experience and the show itself is a great concept. The show featured 12 local (Grand Forks & East Grand Forks) boutiques and their upcoming trends and styles for the fall season. One of my favorite things about the event was that all 12 of the stores are owned and operated by women!! Talk about girl power 🙂

The top of the parking ramp was set up with some traditional fashion show elements: a red carpet (of course!), white chairs lining one side of the carpet and the other lined with VIP tables that you could purchase to be up close and personal to the models. There was a live band who played music both before and after the show to keep the atmosphere lively. They also had food and beverages available from 3 different restaurant/bars; all of them local as well to keep with the Grand Forks-fueled theme! This way attendees were able to enjoy a cocktail/beer/glass of wine and some appetizer style foods at the show.

Another bonus of the show and event for me was that my beautiful aunt, Stacie, was the emcee for the event! She looked beautiful in the red dress from one of the featured stores in the show and did a great job as always. She kicked off and ended the show with introductions, thank yous, and announcements. During the show I was able to sit with her and my uncle as well as my friend Brittany who is the one who told me all about the show!

Some of the stores featured in the show I have shopped at on occasion (Kittsona, Mainstream Boutique, Key Bliss) but there were many more that I have never visited. It was a good eye-opener and reminder for me to explore a lot of the other local stores we have in town and support their businesses! Just as the sun was lowering in the sky they kicked off the show and had energizing music playing for all of the models to walk the carpet to. The show was broken up by store so you could see all of the different styles and outfit they are carrying for this fall season which is always HUGE for fashion.

Here are some of the fun things I noticed during the show that I am going to be on the lookout for and try this season as some of the new trends. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures of the models. I was so focused on enjoying the show that I didn’t take any. But I made lots of mental notes 🙂

  • Suede
  • Velvet (this is going to be a big one!!)
  • Embroidery on EVERYTHING: jeans, jean jackets, dresses, shoes…
  • Mustard yellow…let’s be honest! This is always going to be in in my book 🙂
  • Distressing – I saw lots of distressed knits and jeans
  • Floppy hats! There was at least one of these worn in each store’s section of the show. You can dress them up or down and the bigger the better in this case!
  • Flare and bell-bottomed jeans are BACK. A lot of 70s vibes coming from this season’s clothes

I for one am VERY excited about this time of the year and I can’t wait to share some of the fall trends I try with all of you in these next few months. A big thanks to my wonderful and beautiful friend Brittany who brought me along to the show! We both decided to show up as trendy as possible in some off-the-shoulder tops that were huge this summer and should still be for the forseeable future. Mine was even velvet so maybe I’m a little bit on trend already…there is a first time for everything 😀


I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you back again either sometime this week or next Sunday for sure with part 1 of my NYC chronicle. Thanks so much for reading!!


xoxo Jen


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