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Happy Sunday to you all! I am reflecting on such a great weekend spent celebrating a dear friend and a refreshing visit with a friend in Fargo. I hope you all have enjoyed some relaxation, fun, or a combination of both this weekend. Before I get in to the topic for my post tonight I want to share a sweet photo from the bachelorette party I attended. One of my best friends and long-time roommate in college, Dana, is getting married next month and I am so excited to be one of her bridesmaids. We were able to spend Saturday celebrating her and her upcoming marriage with a day on the water and time spent on the lake. Here is the full bride squad soaking up some rays in our nautical themed tanks 🙂


I also kicked off my weekend with a short whirlwind trip to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. The vendor who sells the fresh flowers always has an absolutely amazing selection….but they go FAST. So you to be there right away to get best pick. I scored a bouquet that reminds me so much of fall and I know that no one wants to hear it right now but we are so close to my favorite season that I can almost smell it 😀 The big, beautiful red zinnia in this bundle is what caught my eye and they are making me smile right now as they sit alongside me at my dining room table while I write for all of you!


Now for the real purpose behind this post!! Sorry it took me a few paragraphs to get here, but I really wanted to share some memories from the weekend. On my way home from the bachelorette celebration this afternoon I made a pit stop in Fargo to catch up with one of my best friends, Lynsi. We haven’t been able to catch up or see one another in a couple of months so it was nice to spend some quality time together. She lives in a great place in downtown Fargo so we took a short walk to the The Boiler Room, one of my favorite places to eat on Broadway. We arrived at an appropriate time for brunch so I decided to order the Scotch Eggs and was not disappointed. Although the best part of the meal may have actually been the 3-cheese tater tots that were served as one of the sides!!


If I didn’t take a picture of the food before I ate it you may not have actually believed I was there!

During our meal we were able to catch up on a lot of adult things that life has been throwing at both of us lately (new jobs, new cars, searching for new apartments, and much more!). It is so interesting to see how your conversations evolve as my friends and I shift into new stages of life where budgeting, finances, living situations, etc. sometimes become the forefront of our thoughts. After we wrapped up our brunch I asked Lynsi to guide me to a coffee shop downtown. I knew there were a handful of new coffee shops that had cropped up since 2015 when I moved from Fargo back to Grand Forks. She brought me to Young Blood and I was overjoyed. She told me as we were walking that it was “my style” and she hit the nail on the head. The shop is all white and very minimalist which I think always has such a unique feeling of freshness and creativity. They had small accents and a really funky vintage-style espresso machine that highlighted the bar. They also had a fun gold patterned wall that sparked my discussion that followed with Lynsi and the whole point for this post….

I have a few what I like to call “pipeline projects” that I am hoping to complete at my house within the next year. I have done a lot of aesthetic work at my house from a decor, paint, and style perspective over the last year but I haven’t made any major renovations or changes. My house is in a state where it absolutely wouldn’t need to have anything changed from a code or safety standpoint but there are a few projects I would like to complete that would give me a sense of accomplishment and bring my house to another level of uniqueness catered to me. Here are some of my pipeline thoughts and I hope that as the year progresses I will be able to accomplish them and share with all of you on the blog!

  1. New flooring throughout the first floor of my house.
    • Right now my first floor contains about 80% carpet and 20% laminate/tile finish. I would love to install a mock-wood floor that matches the tones of my living space (more dark wood and gray tones) in the entire first floor. My dog really enjoys laying on the cool tile, especially in the summer, and I know that it would be more comfortable to her to not have so much carpet. I also feel like a hardwood style floor would make my main floor feel bigger and the maintenance and cleaning would be easier. Also, to have continuity throughout the first floor bathroom, kitchen, and then living/dining room area would be a big plus. I would let carpet remain on the stairs and upstairs in the bedrooms as that’s a preference for me in my own room. This project will definitely be considered sometime down the road as I will be saving for a number of months in order to make sure I’m financially prepared as I know that good quality flooring is not cheap!!
  2. Kitchen cabinet painting
    1. This project could be happening in the very near future as it doesn’t require a huge financial investment! I know that the time investment is a different story but my kitchen isn’t massive so the amount of cupboards is quite manageable and could hopefully be knocked out in a weekend! My good friend Brittany is a kitchen designer and has offered to help me with this fun project so it will be a good bonding weekend for us 🙂 I have yet to officially pick a color (my cabinets are currently standard light oak) but I am leaning towards a darker/warm gray color. It will still be neutral but will help the kitchen “pop” and I’ll be able to add an additional fun element of some new hardware to add my own personality to the cupboards. We are planning to use chalk paint to help cut back on the time element and also reduce some of the strong odor during the project
  3. Dining room accent wall
    • Since my dining room and living room are in a shared space I have been thinking that the wall where my dining room table is could be used as a “definer” to split the spaces up even though they are physically together. Seeing the wall in the coffee shop today (that can see in the pictures earlier in the post!) gave my the idea to seek out an easy to remove wall stick/removable wallpaper style that I could affix to the wall in my house where the dining room table sets. I have admired some of these stickered papers at Target (click here to sneak a peek at the brand and finishes I will be choosing from) before so I think I’ll have to take a trip and see if any of them might work for what I’m looking to do! This would also be a relatively inexpensive (both money and time-wise) project that I could tackle and would create a whole different feel in my house.

Those are my 3 major dream for the near future and I can’t wait to accomplish and share them all with all of you. I am going to leave you with a photo of the GORGEOUS and delicious latte I had at Young Blood today. It was called the Miel and it was a honey cinnamon latte. Yes, it tastes just as amazing as it sounds. There is just something about latte art that makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too! Let’s make it a great week and I will see you back here next Sunday. Thanks so much for reading ❤


xoxo Jen



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