Le tote-ally awesome

Happy Tuesday! I’m sorry I didn’t have something ready for all of you at our usual Sunday time but I promise this week I will be back on track 🙂

Tonight I want to share with you something that is pretty similar to a subscription box (I know, I know….surprise surprise!) and it’s called Le Tote. I apologize for the very cheesy/punny post title but I was truly having  trouble thinking of something!! I heard abut Le Tote in a magazine article I was reading last summer so I’ve been utilizing it for about a year now.

Le Tote is similar to boxes like Stitch Fix and others BUT I have had a much better experience and much better luck with Le Tote. In boxes like Stitch Fix you are sent clothing that then you have a set period of time where you can try on the items and then make a decision whether or not you’d like to buy any, all, or none of the items they sent you. I haven’t been pleased with the high prices of the things that Stitch Fix tends to send and often times I have sent the whole box back because things just don’t fit properly.

What makes Le Tote different is YOU actually get to choose the exact 5 items (or different quantity depending on the subscription you choose) you are going to have arrive in your box. Once you have made your selections the box comes your way and here is where the BEST part happens. You can keep the box and the clothing in it for as long as your heart desires. You can wear each piece as many times as you like and style things in different ways. If there is a piece you totally fall in love with it you can buy it for the price listed on the website/app which is a discounted rate and keep it forever 🙂 If there are things you liked but don’t want to hang on to after wearing a few times then you just package it all up and send it on back!

Le Tote does the laundering for you and then as soon as your past items get returned the team at Le Tote automatically starts styling a new box for you. They send you an email when they’ve made your item selections so that you can go take a look. If you open it up and love everything they chose all you have to do is “confirm” the tote and it will be shipped to you. If there are some items they selected that don’t seem your style you can swap them out and pick anything else from the closet! You can swap out one or two items that they selected for you or all of them if you choose.

One of my favorite things about this subscription service is that on their app and website they have you answer a profile about your sizes/measurements/fits and how you prefer clothing (tops, jeans, dresses) fits you (loose, snug, longer tops, longer jeans, etc.) It stores all of this information in your profile and when you go to select a piece of clothing that you are interested in the app will recommend what size you should wear in that item of clothing based on your measurements. I have chosen tops and the app warns me that they will be too short for me or too tight in the hips. I love that it gives me a heads up because then I don’t order it and find myself disappointed that it doesn’t fit me!!

The level of subscription I chose is right in the middle and I get 3 clothing items and 2 accessories in each of my boxes. They have lots of jewelry, bags, purses, and scarves to pick from for accessories and they are fun additional things to have and try out. You can also choose to get smaller or larger boxes depending on your price range/budget. Last but not least I like the fact that you just pay a monthly flat rate for the boxes and you can send them back as often as you like or as little as you like. If you get a box and wear each thing once and send it back they will get you another box right away but you don’t pay “per box” so it’s not more expensive if you choose to turn them over quickly.

Below is a screenshot from my phone of my actual tote that is on the way to me currently! As well as the one I just sent back below it. I can’t wait to get these yellow tassel earrings and the blue velvet off the shoulder top!! ❤


In my account I currently have 4 invitations for a FREE FIRST BOX that I can send out!!! If any of you are interested in giving Le Tote a try please send me a message and I will get a code emailed to you 🙂 Here is a link to their website so you can check out more or you can certainly download the app! If you’re someone who likes to spice up their closet and try new styles like me this would be perfect for you. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll be back with more soon!


xoxo Jen

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