work out clothes that won’t work out your bank account

Happy Sunday!!

Tonight I wanted to share with all of you where I tend to buy my workout clothes. I have listed things in terms of price so if you’re looking for a steal or more of a splurge you know what kind of price range I’m talking about!


TARGET – Ok….I know…but really none of you should be surprised at this point! Hahah! Target is my go-to for a few specific activewear items. One being sports bras. I own this seamless racerback in almost every color of the rainbow and is hands down my favorite. It is duo-dri so does a nice job of wicking away moisture and has good support without feeling heavy. You can find it here and at $16.99 you can afford to have one in every color!! Also, another tip, activewear and the C9 owned Target brand are on Cartwheel VERY often so I would be on the lookout and if you find that everything is 20% off for a day or two then it’s the perfect time to get a few things you’ve been waiting for!

OLD NAVY – The first time I bought workout clothing from Old Navy I was skeptical…but it was so inexpensive that I wanted to give it a try. After trying it there is NO reason to be skeptical at all. The workout leggings I have bought at Old Navy have stayed in good shape the longest and are the most comfortable pairs I own! I like the capri style best and they have a nice higher rise to them so they don’t roll/slide down like some other workout leggings have done for me in the past. They also have really fun patterns so if you prefer funky ones you can find them here! Here are some of the pairs I have my eye on. Cutout detail is getting to be really popular and I’m ALWAYS up for funky patterns. Head here to check out their selection of activewear bottoms….they’re 40% off right now with code MAY 😀

Slightly more expensive

FABLETICS – This activewear line was co-founded by actress and fitness enthusiast, Kate Hudson. I joined this subscription service after seeing some commercials for the brand on HGTV a few summers ago. My favorite thing about Fabletics is that it is largely based on the selling of outfits instead of just singular items. You can still buy items separately, but they also list and sell everything paired up in outfits and also give you a deal on the price that way!

If you sign up to become a VIP of the website you get special pricing on all of the outfits. This is the way I chose to join and got a really great deal on my first outfit as well as additional promos and sales. The important thing to know about becoming a VIP is that on the 1st of each month you are sent an email notification about “new outfits” for the month. You have until the 5th of the month to either shop or skip the month. There are no penalties for skipping the month but if you forget to shop or skip your card will be charged and then that money will show up as credit in your account.

I have been a VIP member for about 2 years and have only bought 3 or 4 outfits. I like to browse each month when new things come up but if I’m not looking for anything that month it’s so easy to skip with no repercussions. All of the outfits I have received are extremely high quality and I love the unique pieces you can find. The website is also laid out so that you can search for outfits geared towards different types of exercise: yoga, general gym training, casual/relaxation. You can find more here and these are a few of the outfits I liked from this past month’s collection!

Splurge – treat yo’self!!

VICTORIA’S SECRET – I am not a frequent VS shopper but a couple of months ago I was in there with my friend and found myself rifling through the “Victoria Sport” collection of activewear. A wild floral pattern pair of leggings caught my eye and I knew I had to try them on to see what I thought. They fit like a glove and were SO comfortable so I decided to splurge and buy them. It’s definitely the most I’ve ever spent on a pair of workout leggings but the quality of the material seems worth it so far. This might be a place worthwhile of the splurge for a staple in your workout wardrobe (a neutral pair of leggings or a fun pair like mine!) but definitely not the place where I will be buying all of my workout gear! Here is the Victoria Sport collection if you want to see more.


If any of you have tips for me or new places to check out active wear let me know 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!


xoxo Jen

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