nursery crafting part 2!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some fun nursery crafting projects I made for my soon-to-be born cousin (who has now arrived 🙂 beautiful baby Jocelyn – born April 14th) and you can check out that post HERE if you haven’t seen it yet!

Now I am coming to you with part 2 of nursery crafting  because we weren’t only expecting a baby on the Regimbal side but are also patiently awaiting the arrival of a baby on the Johnson side of the family! My cousin Chuck and his wife Tera are expecting their first baby and June and we just celebrated today with a shower.

They are choosing to be surprised with the gender and I am so excited for their big day to arrive. I knew I wanted to make something for the baby’s room as a gift for the shower so when Tera let me know that they kept everything very neutral (soft gray and white) I went the same route with the gift I made.

I had two things on my mind when I was brainstorming a project for them:

  1. I wanted to include a wood element of some kind
  2. I wanted to give “string art” a try for the first time

This project was very simple and didn’t include a lot of supplies or a lot of time! Here is what was needed:

  1. A wooden/shiplap style canvas (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $10)
  2. A paint marker in the color of your choosing
  3. Yarn in the color of your choosing
  4. Brass nails or tacks
  5. Scissors
  6. A piece of chalk

***Yes, you read that right…this project did NOT involve a hot glue gun. I am just as surprised as you!!!


The project was an easy few steps. After getting the wood canvas at Hobby Lobby I decided on the quote/saying/phrase that I wanted to use.

I used a pencil to lightly draw out the letters to ensure my words and spacing were correct and it was easy to erase and fix (Note: if you don’t like to freehand things like this or don’t like your own handwriting you can definitely utilize stencil letters from any craft store!) Once the spacing was down I shook up my paint pen and began to trace over the pencil lines. It took a few coats of the paint pen in order to get the brightness of the color I wanted. I think part of this was due to the surface being wood which soaked up more of the paint.

After I had the letters the color/thickness I wanted I let dry for about an hour to be safe. Since I’m a leftie I always worry about smudging things with my hand so I like to err on the side of caution so I don’t ruin the whole project!

Then I took out the brass nails and my hammer. I took the piece of chalk and drew a heart in the size and shape I wanted lightly with the chalk. I hammered in the brass nails along the edges of the heart and spacing them out about an inch apart.

The string art on this scale of project was SO easy and I love how it looks. I can’t wait to try it on a larger scale project sometime soon! All I had to do was take my gray yarn and tie it in a knot around one of the brass nails. Then you just begin weaving the yarn back and forth, round and round, in no particular pattern. The less you think about it the better! If you don’t like the way it’s turning out you can always unwind and go back.

Once I reached the thickness and look I wanted I cut the yarn, tied another knot around the last nail I wrapped around and then tucked the ends in to hide them. With just the heart on the bottom I thought it looked slightly bare so I decided to add the white decorative lines to fill up some more space and add more coverage to the wood. I like the simplicity of the finished project and hope it works great for them in the nursery 🙂


The quote “How wonderful life is now you’re in the world” is from a song in one of my favorite movies: Moulin Rouge. I remember seeing that movie for the first time and thinking how beautiful those words were. I know how big of a blessing this baby will be to Chuck & Tera and the rest of our family!! We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Johnson!

Have a wonderful week everyone! I have some exciting stuff coming up for you soon…


xoxo Jen


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