saver spot scores from a #targetrun

Hi everyone!

It’s no secret that I find Target to be a magical place; and I’m sure many of you do, too! After spending some time working for Target on the store management side, I was able to find out more and more great things about them and their stores. They have brought many new things to the retail landscape and are always looking for ways to make their guest happy from an experience standpoint.

Sometimes when I am on my trips to Target I can stick to my list and make a quick “run” over my lunch break to get a few things that I am in need of. Most of my Target runs are trips like that but every so often I go to Target for a little bit longer run. This is a relaxing Target trip that doesn’t necessarily involve an agenda….just involves me taking my time and making a bigggg lap around the store, looking at things that catch my eye. I usually do this when I am trying to think about new things to write about on #sugarspiceandstylethatsnice for all of you!

Arguably my favorite part of my trips like this to Target lies only a few feet inside the front door. In the Grand Forks store, I always go in the door on the electronics side, grab my cart, and then spend a solid 10-15 minutes in the Saver Spot. This place is GLORIOUS and has been a gold mine for me on many occasions. This section changes quite a few times each year and always has a mix of “seasonal” items and general items.

My favorite finds usually end up being something seasonal. Everything up in the “spot” tends to be $5 or less (with the random exception being more than that) and the decor they have up there for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, etc. is just as cute if not cuter than the stuff they have in the actual seasonal section of the store and can be about 1/5 of the price!! It makes buying my seasonal decorations up there a no brainer 🙂

A couple weeks ago on one of my Sunday stroll trips to Target I picked up a handful of things for 3 or 5 dollars that I’ve found perfect uses for at my house! First, how perfect are these colored 3D words!? Turquoise is my favorite color and I have a few other knick knacks on my book shelf in that color so I snagged this “hello” and it looks perfect with the others. The golden “home” I could visualize right away on my front door because I knew it would look great with my DIY spring wreath! I affixed it to my door with small command strips on the back and I love how it stands out.

The other two things I bought that day are going to get their own separate posts but I still want to mention them! As my first spring/summer in my townhouse arrives I am excited to try my first attempt at understanding how to plant flowers and hopefully keep them alive!!! I don’t have the best track record with plants…but I am going to give it my best shot so that my front yard looks great AND I will learn how to do something new. I bought this sweet little flower kit for 5 dollars that will grow three different types of complementary flowers. It includes everything you need and there were multiple options for the colors and types of flowers! Once I get my flowers up and running I will make sure to give you all an update.

Lastly, I bought this book which I am so excited about. I have an unbelievably large collection of scarves and have never been the best at finding new ways to wear them or be creative with tying them in new way. This book was in the saver spot for 5 dollars and gives me tons of new ways to try and mix up my scarves with my outfits!! I will be trying a few of these methods and taking photos so I can do a separate post and give all of you some new ideas yourself! A few of the ideas would have never crossed my mind so I know that this will bring a fresh perspective to an accessory that I wear almost every day of the week.


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! I promise to have more for you sometime this week 🙂

#sugarspiceandstylethatsnice #saverspotscores #targetstrolls

xoxo Jen

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