is “brunching” a verb? asking for a friend…

Good evening, everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter this past weekend. Tonight I’m going to take you on a little food adventure (ok…kind of a big food adventure…) through the Easter brunch that I shared with my family on Sunday! The pictures don’t quite do it justice because even though it all photographed well it tasted SO much better 🙂

I spent the weekend in St. Paul with my parents and my brother since he didn’t get a break from school at the U of M. Our weekend as a whole was a blast. Saturday consisted of a Twins game in beautiful weather and wrapped up with the John Mayer concert at the Xcel (OH MY GOSH….I will do a separate post on that experience. Even though it was my third time seeing him it was still unreal).

Sunday morning we got to attend Easter mass at the famous and beautiful St. Paul Cathedral. Before we hit the road for home it only seemed natural to find a great spot for brunch. Since we had celebrated with our extended family on Palm Sunday with our home-cooked brunch we decided to scout out a place in St. Paul where we could experience brunch at a restaurant. I looked up “Top breakfast places in St. Paul” and we scoured through a top 15 list and considered a few options but many were closed due to the holiday. Only a few blocks from our Air B n’ B rental was the famous Red Cow restaurant. We decided to go there and just enjoy a burger instead because we had heard good things.

When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to see they were offering an Easter Brunch special. Oh, but this was not just ANY Easter Brunch….but a 4-course Easter Brunch. My family had an immediate “sign me up” moment and our waitress showed us the menu for the courses and let us know that they would be served family-style at the table with enough servings of each dish for the 4 of us. Here is the menu:


After finishing the meal I found their description of “sweet and savory” to be spot on. All of the courses were paired well from a flavor perspective and reading the dishes initially I thought “that sounds like an interesting combination” but after trying them all there was no mistaking that they knew what they were doing when they put everything together! I, of course, had to take some photos of each course. And since we were eating outside on their patio the lighting was fantastic 🙂

Course 1:

This yogurt….with the honey…YUM. And you can never go wrong with fresh fruit. The housemade granola included some dried fruit which added a unique texture and honey is always a thumbs up in my book. It was a refreshing way to start the meal! The caramel pecan rolls just speak for themselves. Homemade breakfast rolls are never a bad choice. Ever.

Course 2:

Seafood is normally not in my wheelhouse at all and I know that I should focus on eating more of it to have a healthy diet. When I saw the salmon show up on the menu I was a little bit skeptical but it’s smoky flavor combined with the scrambled eggs made for a really good taste. I spent most of my energy for the 2nd course on the blueberry banana pancakes. They were excellent…thick and fluffy with just the right amount of fruit flavor baked in. My dad’s vote for his favorite part of the entire meal was the ham, sausage, and bacon alongside the pancakes. They were all smoked and had such a distinct flavor that was a good partner for the sweetness of the pancakes.

Course 3:

If I had to choose, I think course 3 would be my favorite, simply because of these cheesy hashbrowns. The picture does not do them justice at all. They were perfectly seasoned and just slightly crispy. The flavor of the cheese especially with bites of the braised short ribs in between made for such a rich pairing. I loved the potatoes so much that when the manager came by at the end of the meal to ask how we enjoyed it I asked if she’s be willing to share what types of cheese/cheese blend they used in the potatoes. I could tell from the coloring it wasn’t the traditional cheddar cheese that many of us use for “cheesy potatoes” because it was much lighter colored. She let me know that is was Gouda cheese and then it ALL made sense. Gouda is my absolute favorite cheese (maybe tied with Brie…) so now I’m on a mission to try using Gouda when I attempt my own cheesy potatoes.

Also, not to be forgotten about was the mushroom ravioli. Mushrooms also tend to find themselves on my “hesitant list” because of the texture but with how great everything had tasted so far I knew I couldn’t skip out on eating it and I’m glad I didn’t! The heavier sauce made for a savory flavor and the mushrooms were done in a way that distracted from the texture that usually bothers me.

Course 4:

I think  I am going to let the dessert course speak mainly for itself. You truly cannot go wrong with carrot cake and this one was multi-layer with a creamy, but light, cream cheese frosting. The perfect way to cap off a great brunch!

The staff at Red Cow St. Paul were excellent so I highly recommend adding it to your list of places to check out next time you’re in MSP! This brunch was a “special” due to the holiday so you won’t likely find this again on any given Sunday, but I’ve also heard their burgers and other menu selections are outstanding. I can’t wait to make another visit some day and I’m glad my family chose to do our “brunching” with them on Easter!

Have a great rest of your week!



xoxo Jen

One thought on “is “brunching” a verb? asking for a friend…

  1. Julien Batcheller says:

    We’ve eaten burgers here with Andy. They have a great menu with some good looking salads, grilled cheese, tuna burgers, and great breakfast items too. We ate at the South Loop location. There is one also in the North Loop besides the St. Paul spot.


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