nursery crafting

The Regimbal side of my family is veryyyy close to welcoming a new member…maybe even tomorrow to be exact!! My Aunt Stacie and Uncle Chris are expecting their 2nd baby and first little girl within the next few days and I can hardly wait to meet her 🙂

Stacie and I have a shared extreme love for Hobby Lobby and that is where we sometimes meet up to hang out. We could spend HOURS in there just milling around and dreaming up projects! When she found a project on Pinterest that she wanted done for the baby’s nursery she sent me a picture and asked if I would be willing to take it on. I am always up for a project (as she knows) so I said certainly!

The project involved a weird element…an empty oatmeal canister. But that didn’t scare me!! She wanted a headband holder made for all of the sweet headbands that she had already collected for the baby. After looking at the pin I knew it wouldn’t be a lengthy project at all. Stacie gave me an empty oatmeal container from their house and I headed to Hobby Lobby (shocking…I know) to purchase the rest of the supplies. I needed:

  1. fabric (I choose to buy a set of fabric strips that were multiple patterns but all within the same color family)
  2. a candlestick/candle base
  3. ribbon or trim for the edges

After reading the instructions I went to town with my hot glue gun and ended up with what I think is completely fantastic and girly! Just fit for the little princess that this baby will most certainly be. I couldn’t resist choosing pink feathered trim and a fancy turquoise and crystal candle stick to add even more feminine touches! Here is the finished product as well as a picture of it now ready to go for baby in the nursery and holding her already large collection of headbands!

If you want to see the original pin I followed for instructions on this project click here!

Since I was having so much fun with this project for the baby I decided I wanted to make something else that would be special for her room. This baby is going to be lucky enough to have a great name that starts with a “J” but I’m not going to spoil the surprise until she arrives! When I was shopping at Hobby Lobby for the other supplies I decided I would make a canvas incorporating a J for her room and…lots of pink!! Stacie had showed me what was already done in the nursery so I knew that if I went with pink it would fit right in 🙂

The supplies I bought for this project were:

  1. An oblong/oval shaped canvas
  2. Craft paint in a fuschia color
  3.  A distressed wooden “J”
  4. A package of gold mini garland
  5. This irresistible little crown applique that I found in the scrapbook section

I painted the canvas with the craft paint and let the first layer dry for a few hours before adding a second layer to get a deeper color. Then I got my hot glue gun warmed up again and unwrapped the garland from the package and laid it in diagonals across the canvas until I had the right set up that I liked. Then I cut the garland into the appropriate lengths and glued it to the canvas every few pieces to ensure it would hold.

I used 2 heavier duty command strips on the back of the wooden J to ensure that it would hold well to the canvas since it was fairly heavy. Then for the finishing touch I added the little crown right to the top of the J and secured it with hot glue. Now baby J has the perfect piece for above her rocking chair in her room!

One thing is for sure….this baby will have one of the most stylish rooms in Grand Forks!

Thanks so much for reading


xoxo Jen

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