spring wreath DIY

I know that the weather couldn’t feel any farther from it at the moment BUT spring is coming….and hopefully sooner than later 🙂 Last weekend I was thinking about how it had been quite awhile since I took on a craft project and so I took a trip to Michaels to get some inspiration and decide what I would like to make.

When I walked in and admired all of the fake flowers I was reminded that I had been thinking about how I don’t own a wreath for my front door that has a spring/summer type look to it. Since I have made Christmas and ornament wreaths in the past I figured I could tackle a similar project while making one that would fit for this time of year.

I am really happy with the finished project and I was also really pleased at how easy and quick this project was to complete! Instead of a 3D foam material wreath ring like I’ve used in the past I decided to buy a flat wood ring that is normally used for floral wreaths. They are very inexpensive and I found it really easy to work with.

When I was looking around for ideas of materials to use on the wreath I found some coral and lime flowers that I loved. Their size was simple and they were only 2 dollars for a pack of 5! For the background layer of the wreath I chose a burlap that was layered with lace. I knew burlap would hold up but also be easy to wrap and cut. I also was attracted to it because of the feminine look that the lace brings to a rough fabric. I also went with a roll of twine and bought a couple of packs of pastel Easter eggs. I thought I would end up incorporating them but when I finished with the burlap and flowers I decided I liked the simplicity and decided to skip the eggs and return them. Everything I bought for the wreath ended up being less than 20 dollars which is also a HUGE score. Sometimes projects can get expensive quickly but this one was easy to keep under control 🙂


My main tool in this project was my hot glue gun which is a MUST for all of you who are in to doing projects of your own. I bought a cordless one at Michaels that runs off of batteries and love not being confined to the outlet because let’s be honest….most of the hot glue gun cords are like 6 inches long!!

To begin I cut a long piece of burlap and glued one end to the wreath form and then began to wrap it tightly. I kept going and then glued the other end down once everything was pulled tight and I liked the way it looked from the front. I did the wreath with about 5 different big pieces of burlap. By cutting big pieces and wrapping them separately without the whole roll it was easier to control and keep it tight by gluing multiple times.

Then, I removed the flowers from their packaging and laid them out around the wreath to determine my spacing. Once I liked the way they were laying I glued the back of each of them and held down on the burlap for a good 10-20 second on each. I also wrapped the twist tie ends around the wreath to hide them in the back.

Lastly, I cut a long piece of twine and glued it to the bottom of the wreath in a few different spots. Then to achieve the messy look I wanted I curled some of the ends with my scissors and then glued other parts of the end up on the burlap to create a “nest” look. I finshed off the wreath with these pretty bronze geometric shaped stickers I found in one of the craft aisles at Target. I like that they have a shine to them and when the wreath is hanging on my door and the sun is shining on it then it will create a pretty metallic glint!


As I mentioned earlier, I love the way the final product turned out and have been happy to have it on my door all week even though the weather feels like winter again. This is a great project to try if you aren’t looking for something difficult and it’s also something that is really affordable! Let’s hope that by me having this out on my door already it will convince the weather to warm up so we can get some flowers and sunshine soon 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!!


xoxo Jen

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