minneapolis food diary

Happy Sunday, friends!

Something that has been pretty absent from my blog is food…which is odd since it is definitely one of my favorite things to talk about 🙂 I am really not a great cook…but I always appreciate and enjoy a great meal. My parents are both awesome cooks and my extended family is filled with some seriously skilled ones too. In other words, I bet get moving if I want to keep up with family and contribute something to the table at holidays that is actually edible!!!

One of my favorite things about traveling to different cities is trying new and different food. I am pretty adventurous with my food and am usually willing to try most things at least once. Two weekends ago I took a trip down to the twin cities to visit my brother who goes to school at the U of M. I LOVE going to MSP for different reasons but I was extra excited to try some fun new food because my brother always sends me pictures of all of the great things he gets to eat.

My brother lives right in “Dinkytown” which is essentially the village or town that is the center of campus for U of M students filled with entertainment, shopping, and lots of student housing. He lives in a newer apartment building that has a pizza place on the ground level floor. He sends me snapchats ALL the time of the pizza he eats there and it always looks amazing. I suggested when we arrived on Saturday afternoon that we have a slice of pizza when we stop to pick him up so I could taste it for myself!. The shop is called Andrea Pizza. The slices are about as big as your face and they have everything from classic slices (pepperoni, sausage) to more interesting (mac and cheese, a breakfast “egg and hashbrown” style slices, and more!). I decided to go the mac and cheese route for something and I wasn’t disappointed! If you’re ever in Dinkytown and want to check it out yourself I definitely recommend. Here is their website for more details


Sunday morning we had a great morning meeting up with some of our extended family. My aunt and uncle from Rochester and their two sons who both live in the cities! We met at Hell’s Kitchen for brunch. I have made a couple of trips to Hell’s Kitchen and was never disappointed. Their menu is unique and they have BOMB option for breakfast/brunch. Even though I went in that morning expecting to order breakfast food I changed my mind and decided to order a burger that sounded too good to pass up: The Peanut Butter Bacon BugerI had had it the first time I visited Hell’s Kitchen and never forgot it. I, like many of you I imagine, LOVE peanut butter and at Hell’s Kitchen they know what they are doing with their homemade peanut butter. It has the perfect texture and such a sweet honey flavor. I wasn’t disappointed and I topped off my meal with a great bloody mary (and a Bud Light chaser….classic). All of my other family members ordered meals that looked delicious too. I would have ordered everything if I could!

A few other notes to add: they have a 35 foot long build-your-own Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar on the weekends. We didn’t participate but it looked like quite the adventure for any of you who would be interested. Also, during my first visit to Hell’s Kitchen, they had a great live folk music band playing on the stage who made the experience even better. There wasn’t any music this time but also something to watch for ahead of time if you’re planning a visit!


On our last night in town we decided to take a break from sit down restaurants and make a trip to the Whole Foods a few blocks from where we were staying to dish up from their hot and cold food bars. Each time I have visited Whole Foods in the past I have always admired the salad bar/hot food bar and wished I could dish up and take some with me but have never had the chance! When my dream came true 2 weekends ago I was NOT disappointed. Everything I decided to dish up and take with me back to the hotel to eat for supper was so delicious. I took my time looking at all of my options and tried to fill my container with small amounts of lots of different things so I could try mostly everything I was interested in. The cold salads I had and the hush puppies (OH MY GOSH) were my favorites. The flavors were so strong and clean and it filled me up. I love to mix corn and black beans together so I was happy to throw them both in with the salads I tried. I also took a scoop of rosemary seasoned chicken that was to die for mixed with bacon and the corn/beans.

Not pictured: the chocolate peanut butter brownie bar that I got from the bakery. After I finished my container of food I couldn’t even wait long enough to take a picture before I tried it because it looked so unreal. It tasted even better than I thought it would and I enjoyed every last bite. Maybe in the future I would be lucky enough to live somewhere close to a Whole Foods where I could take advantage of the salad bar for supper or lunch to bring to work!


All in all, our trip was a big success to spend time with family AND experience some awesome new food. I am excited for my next visit where I can try even more new places! Thanks for reading 🙂


xoxo Jen

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