Sweatin’ good at SoulSpin!

Happy Sunday!! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!

I am taking the blog in a little bit different direction again this time and wanted to focus on an amazing new health and exercise opportunity I have found. In November of 2016 SoulSpin, a boutique cycling studio, was born in downtown Grand Forks.

When it comes to exercise for me I have always been most motivated by things that involved groups or teams. I grew up playing mainly soccer and some other teams sports and always liked getting to be surrounded by others and competing together for a common goal. Once high school sports were done and I got to college, I found it hard to be motivated to go to the wellness center and workout on my own. I started to play intramural soccer to combat some of that and then I also started to sign up for my first ever group exercise classes.

I tried step, bodypump, Zumba, kickboxing, and cycling classes and it was just what I needed. I liked having the commitment of signing up to go at a specific time and having a room full of people, including an instructor, to hold me accountable for my workout. Of course, only YOU can give your best level of effort in a workout to get the most personal gain, but for me to have a planned group workout was what “clicked” best.

After moving back to Grand Forks following my graduation from NDSU I found myself in a similar situation with having trouble getting in an exercise pattern that worked for me and was something that I enjoyed. When I changed jobs about a year ago to a more traditional work schedule working out became a little more frequent for me but I still wasn’t feeling in the groove….until November!!

I noticed posts on Facebook in early November about this new cycling studio that was moving in downtown and I knew I had to check it out. After checking out the website I signed up for a class on the VERY first day they were open and the experience was even more than I hoped it would be…the studio is intimate and quaint, just 15 bikes, which allows for class sizes that are personal and comfortable. The music is LOUD and the playlists are always on point 🙂 Riding to the beat of the music is unique and keeps your body alert and changing throughout the workout. Most of the 45-minute ride happens in the dark, with only battery-operated candles to keep the room glowing. This element adds another degree of “personal” to the workout because it feels like you’re the only one in the room.

My experience at my first class was amazing but it wasn’t just because of the atmosphere, it was mainly due to the people. Sarah Newgard and her fiance Chip Shea are the owners of the studio and I have never met more welcoming or more positive people. They greeted me at the door on my first day and asked my name. They wanted to know more about me right away and were so thankful to all of us that had signed up to come and spin with them. During the rides Sarah always reminds everyone to modify whenever they see fit and to not get distracted by others because this ride is just for you. Her message always involves setting an intention for the class and why you’re here. I also love that she reminds us how INCREDIBLE our bodies are and how it is such an amazing thing that we can do what we do at her class.

Now, when I walk in the door 2 (if not 3!) times a week for class I am greeted by a whole room of smiling faces and usually a handful of hugs and high fives. I have loved the community that I feel at the studio and it’s a pretty amazing thing to feel EXCITED to get in the car and drive to your work out (which has definitely not been the case for me in the past!!)

Here is a photo from the studio and our group after a Saturday morning sweaty ride this weekend 🙂


I am so thankful to Sarah and Chip for making this such a positive place for me and so many others in Grand Forks. I can’t wait to continue working out with them and the rest of the crew for a long time to come!!

If you are brand new to spinning or have spun before but never at SoulSpin I encourage you to try it for yourself! I would be happy to answer any questions you have or have you sign up to a class I’m going to and I can spin with you! All levels are welcome at every class and Chip will help you get your bike set up just right if it’s your first time.

For more information on the studio you can visit them on Facebook here and click “book  Facebook now” to sign up for classes online. OR you can visit Sarah’s website and choose SoulSpin in the top right corner to view the schedule and sign up for classes!

I’m already looking forward to my class on Tuesday night!!! Have a great week, everyone!!

#SoulSpin on #sugarspiceandstylethatsnice

xoxo Jen

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