BarkBox love <3

I’m stepping away from design tonight to write about something that every dog owner should try at least once : BarkBox!

When I got my goldendoodle Luna a little less than a year ago I thought about trying this subscription right away because I had heard and seen many other dog owners give positive reviews. I signed up 6 months ago for a membership and haven’t been disappointed….neither has Luna 🙂

In your box each month you get 2 toys and 3 different types of treats. When you sign up initially you build a profile for your dog that includes their age, size/weight, and they ask you some questions about your dog’s play style such as: how serious of a chewer/destroyer they are. This helps them build a box with the best toys and treats for your furry friend! Luna loves to chew on nylabones and tougher toys so they send her stronger toys that are more durable for her.

The best part of BarkBox is the theme that they choose for the box each month. My favorite box came in November and was Thanksgiving themed! Complete with turkey dinner treats, a turkey sandwich toy, and a stuffed piece of pumpkin pie!!! The pumpkin pie has been Luna’s favorite toy yet and it’s still around 3 months later.

The subscription is also a great value for your money. I pay $24 per month to get 3 bags of treats or bones and 2 toys. That is MUCH less than I would spend to buy that much all separately at a pet store or Target. The subscription is also less expensive monthly the more months you commit to up front.

Luna’s favorite day of the month is when her box shows up. She knows as soon as I bring it in the house that new toys have arrived. Here she is waiting patiently last week when her January travel-themed box with an airplane and duffel bag toy showed up!

I give a big stamp of approval on this service for anyone who owns a dog or would want to gift a box or subscription to someone else with a dog! For more information and to sign up for a subscription you can visit their website here

If you have any questions or want to know more don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you all are having a great week!


xoxo Jen

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