B.Mesi headbands!

Hey all!

I had the exciting opportunity to support a local entrepreneur this week and it is so exciting!!! B.Mesi headbands is a brand new adventure by Jess Seay, a Grand Forks resident and busy mom of three. She (like myself and many other women!) found herself buying more and more headbands but not always being impressed with the prices and selections at other stores….so she decided to fix it by making her own!!

Now, with B.Mesi she is making great headbands from her home with a fun variety of patterned fabrics that will make getting your hair ready for the day a snap 🙂 The prices are incredible (only $4 per headband for most fabrics…WOOHOO!!) and she also makes kids sizes to be able to dress up and accessorize your favorite little girls in your life, too.


My first order from B.Mesi 🙂

I picked up my order of 3 headbands yesterday morning and I wore the gray arrow print yesterday and am wearing the gold shimmer today. I can personally attest that they do NOT slide off of your head…which for me is always the most frustrating thing about headbands. They are also very wide so can hold back lots of hair or you can scrunch them down to make them smaller. It’s also nice to spread them all the way out and cover the tops of your ears to keep them warm now that the colder weather has arrived!


Already in love with the Gold Shimmer pattern….I know this one will get lots of use!!

I am looking forward to supporting Jess and B.Mesi and I hope you will too! Here is the link to her Etsy shop and you can also find her on Facebook. If you live locally you can order online but pick up at her house if you’d like to avoid a shipping charge. If you aren’t in Grand Forks, no worries, she can ship straight to you 🙂

If everything above isn’t reason enough, Jess even included a promo code in the gift bag with my first order for a FREE headband next time I order…looks like it’s time to hop back on to Etsy and pick out some more to add to my new collection. (P.S. she also has a promo going on right now on her Etsy shop: Buy 5 band and get one free!)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend; and as always, thanks for reading!


xoxo Jen

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