scarf season is in full swing!

Even though the past couple of days have been beautiful temperatures there is no doubting that fall has officially moved in. With chilly fall weather comes all of the great clothing along with it: especially scarves!!

Similar to my large pile of leggings, I have quite the collection of scarves. All colors, patterns, weights, and styles. In order to save some money on my quest for more scarves a couple of years ago I decided to try making my own.

I have extremely minimal skills in the sewing/crocheting department but I heard about arm knitting and that it required no previous experience or any type of supplies other than yarn. The first night I attempted to arm knit I watched this exact YouTube video over and over and OVER again. It is less than 12 minutes long and walks you through each step of the process. The only supplies you to need to make the first scarf of your own is two skeins of yarn. Here is a photo of the 4 skeins I bought earlier this fall at Hobby Lobby. Both sets of skeins I bought are a weight of “7” and have lengths of 42-45 yards which you can see on the picture I took up close of the label.


In total I have now made more than a dozen scarves of my own! Some I kept and many I have given as gifts to friends or family. Here is a photo of some of the scarves I have made and kept. As I mentioned before, arm knitting is great because you can use yarn of different weights, patterns, and materials.I have experimented with different types and like all of them for different reasons. Heavier/bulkier yarns are great for thicker scarves to wear outside with your jacket. Lighter and thinner yarns are good to use for scarves that you plan to wear inside and won’t be too warm to be wear all day.



I am sitting down right now (after I publish this post!) to make my first scarf of the year. To get me in the spirit I put on my favorite scarf I made from last year in mustard yellow and it looks like I won’t be quite able to get started knitting because Luna is resting on one of my skeins of yarn. Apparently they can double as a pillow!


If anyone reading this post would like to learn how to make an arm knit scarf of their own I would be happy to have you over and we can work on one together. Or if you would like to pick a color of yarn and have me make it for you I would be more than happy to 🙂 I have considered buying a large amount of yarn and making a bunch of scarves and putting them up for sale on Facebook/through my blog. If you would be interested in buying let me know!!

I hope everyone is having a great week 🙂 See you again soon! Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Jen




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