project pumpkin :)

Since we are already almost a week into October (yikes!!) this past weekend I made it my mission to get my Halloween decorating done. Since this is my first year living in a place with a front yard that I could decorate I was excited to find some simple, inexpensive decorations!

A few weeks ago when I was at Target I took my time at the front door and looked through the dollar/saver spot section. It is ALWAYS a goldmine, especially around the holidays because they have some great decor items for 5 dollars or less!! This time around didn’t disappoint….I scored both of these ceramic (light up!) pumpkin lanterns for 3 dollars a piece. They have on-off switches you can turn on to make the multi-colored lights change and light them up. I got this “wicked” sign and the Happy Halloween sign in the back of the photo as well. I was able to get all 4 things for less than 15 dollars and they are simple things to set up either outside or inside.


Of course when you’re decorating for Halloween pumpkins are a required part of the equation. I am not a very skilled pumpkin carver so I decided that I wanted to purchase craft pumpkins instead so I could decorate them and have them for at least a few years. I also will be able to decorate them in different ways each year if I want to so I figured it would be worth it to spend the extra money! Michael’s was having a sale this past week (through October 1st) and they had 50% off ALL of their craft pumpkins so that’s where I chose to buy mine.

As I mentioned, the craft pumpkins are a little more on the expensive side, but by getting them during the half off sale I was able to get one larger size pumpkin for 10 dollars and then 2 smaller sized ones for 8 dollars each. I decided to get my smaller pumpkins in white because I thought they were something different and they might make my designs stand out better!

The first pumpkin I decorated was inspired by an idea I saw in HGTV Magazine’s October issue. They used metallic, simple push pins in colored craft pumpkins to make lots of fun designs (spiderwebs, words, a witch’s hat, etc.). When I was at Target I bought some black, white, and gold circular push pins as well as some flat silver/metallic ones. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with writing the word “BOO!” for Halloween and I chose to use a white pumpkin. It was so easy to put the push pins into the craft pumpkins! Here’s how it turned out:


On the larger pumpkin which was orange I bought some vase fillers at Michaels that were purple and black with silver spiderweb details on them. Vase fillers are always so inexpensive but they can be used for so many different projects!!! I armed myself with my hot glue gun and attached the lightweight vase filler spheres to the pumpkin one at a time. I put a “31” on this pumpkin and I drew the numbers lightly with pencil before I started gluing so I was sure I made them even and was able to keep everything lined up. Hot glue holds extremely well so I think it will hold up even with my pumpkins being set up outside.


For my last pumpkin I used some other simple finds from the craft store and Target. I picked up a package of Halloween string garland from the dollar section at Target that had 3 separate sets (one orange, one white, and one black. I used the black garland since it was on the white pumpkin and just hot glued the string in sections as I wrapped it around the pumpkin. At Michaels I found these awesome glittered and colored spiders in a pack of 6 and thought the purple, green, and orange colors made them stand out. I hot glued the legs of the spiders onto the garland string in some spots and it probably took me less than 5 minutes to get the whole pumpkin decorated! It might be my favorite of the 3 🙂


I hope you all are enjoying our transition into fall weather and celebrating by drinking hot chocolate/cider, breaking out your boots/scarves/sweaters, and watching LOTS of football because I know I am!

Have a great rest of the week!


xoxo Jen


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