junk market adventure

This past Saturday I was able to attend an awesome and unique event in Fargo at the Scheels Arena called the “Junk Market” which is hosted and organized by a shop in Fargo called Eco Chic. The event essentially brings together vendors who sell a variety of products all together in one space for a two day show. They are able to set up their spaces/booths and display their products to anyone who pays the admission fee at the door. Whether you are looking to browse or do some serious shopping it was a great place to be!

My day was made even more fun because I was able to go to the market with my good friend and one of my college roommates, Corinne πŸ™‚ She shares similar passions with me for decorating and home design so I knew this would be the perfect thing for us to explore together! She and her husband are also recent homebuyers and have been putting in a LOT of hard work at their house and she wanted to look for some touches to add. Here is a fun photo of us at the entrance to the market in their photo space on a vintage couch!


I went in to the show with an open mind as far as what I was looking for and what I could add to my house for some finishing touches or some additions to rooms that don’t quite have everything that they need yet. A couple of the things I really was looking for (like a cool vintage coat rack for my entry way and a bench seat for my bedroom) I didn’t have any luck finding but I did strike gold in some other ways!

One purchase I am really excited about was actually something I found at the very last booth of the show! Corinne and I were very thorough in our snooping so it took us a few hours to walk around and look at each booth. I found this amazing vintage bright orange rolling bar/coffee cart and I knew it would be a great addition to my kitchen. As soon as I looked at it I knew exactly what I would use it for and as soon as I brought it inside I got my keurig set up on it as well as all of my fun coffee mugs. Now it makes the perfect coffee cart station for me!


One of the most unique things we saw at the show was a vendor from Iowa who makes prints on dictionary pages. He either backs them and then imposes words/quotes or he also had some with vintage pictures on top. I loved the look of them and decided to pick out 3 so that I could have a “set” of them to hang together in my place. The three I chose are in the picture below. I have yet to find the perfect place to hang them up; but hopefully soon! Both of the quotes really stood out to me when I was looking through the big bins and boxes of prints he had and I wanted the third one to be a photo in order to balance out the words. Hot air balloons have always been a favorite of mine and riding in one is the number one thing on my bucket list! I like the vintage picture of them and the simplicity of the black and white.


The most well-decorated tent we visited at the show was a vendor from Ottertail, MN called Rust and Luster. Corinne and I spent quite awhile admiring all of the handmade, unusual jewelry that they had as well as the set up they had with the ability to make your own necklace from a chain of your choice and then small or large hangings and charms. Here is a picture of some of the selection so you can see all of the options there were if you wanted to make something of your own or buy a small piece to bring back and add to a necklace you already own!


As I mentioned before, Corinne and I spent quite a bit of time in this vendor’s booth and I kept admiring one necklace in particular for quite awhile. Corinne finally convinced me that I should buy it because I kept picking it up and wrestling with the idea of getting it. I loved the mix of the metal and the big shiny stone and I like that it is neutral enough to be worn with almost anything. I have already wore it twice this week so I am happy I decided to go for it!!


Our overall experience at the market was great and we had a fun time getting to talk with some of the vendors about what they do and see all of the creative and new ideas that people have with their art and their products. It is very reasonable to attend the market (only 5 dollars for admission!) so I encourage anyone who is interested to attend in the future. We learned that Eco Chic actually hosts the market bi-annually, once in the spring and once in the fall, so I am looking forward to making it to the show twice a year from now on!


One last sweet thought to leave all of you with involves coffee. On our way down to the arena floor we saw a coffee stand for “Ladybug Latte” which is a coffee shop in West Fargo. We decided to stop and get a drink because it smelled so great and all of their lattes sounded delicious. I ordered a coconut mocha latte which was a great sweet treat and I have definitely grown to have a taste for coconut! I had a pleasant surprise when they handed me my cup when my drink was done….at Ladybug each lid has a quote or saying written on it to either give you reflection or inspiration while drinking your coffee. The one on my cup made me smile and it was a great start to a wonderful day doing some “junk adventuring” with my sweet friend πŸ™‚


Thank you all so much for reading!


xoxo Jen

2 thoughts on “junk market adventure

  1. heartfashion7 says:

    Hey ! Glad you like Rust & Luster’s booth! I work with the owner and love the crazy fun things she makes- I had been eyeing the one you bought and Was going to buy it myself if it didn’t sell at the event! I made the canopy this summer for our fashion show, so glad it gets to the around so more people can see it! Hope you’re doing well, love your blog!


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