a little sparkle never hurt!

Over the long weekend I decided I wanted to wrap up one of my final projects in my new house and officially take care of decorating and setting up my second bedroom; or more like a bonus room for me!

When I moved in I decided I wanted to be able to use the second bedroom as a free space and some extra room for me instead of having it always filled with a second bedroom set. I chose to buy a futon so that I can have room for guests when they come to stay but also use the room for other things most of the time.

I got this great black futon from Target.com and I love that it looks like a stylish couch/loveseat when it’s folded up. It is surprisingly comfortable to sit on and it is more of a microfiber/suede feeling material. I got the fun accent pillows so long ago that I can’t remember where they are from…but the sparkle and the metallic definitely brought the accents to the room that I was hoping for.


The real showstopper of the room though is my wall tapestry. I got this amazing piece of art from “Natural Life” a brand that you can find items from in some stores in Grand Forks (like Curious gift shop). I got the tapestry last year online in the sale section of Natural Life’s website and fell in love with the colors. When it arrived it was so big that I didn’t have a place for it in my old apartment, so I was really happy to be able to showcase it in my new place and put it up on an entire wall 🙂

I also bought it because of the saying: Small Acts Change The World. I think it is a great reminder to me that affecting the people in my own world everyday can have a big effect in the bigger picture. We need to do the best we can in our own “little corner of the world” because our actions can cause ripple effects. Some days it is hard to stay focused on being kind to others but it truly is the best thing we can do for others; simple smiles and small gestures can make all the difference to someone who is having a tough day.

The art up on the wall behind the futon is from TJ Maxx. I had a fun shopping trip over the weekend with my freshman year roommate from college, Krista, and she always brings out the sparkle/glitter in me because it’s one of her favorite things!! The picture on the left is entirely covered in gold sequins so it has a nice shine to it and the black and gold photo on the right brings out just the right colors from the futon and pillows.

I also struck gold in another way at TJ Maxx….I found this AMAZING office chair which I knew would look perfect in this room as the new seat for me to use when I’m playing my keyboard. It rolls and has adjustable height so I thought it would work great and it is nice to have a chair with a back when you are playing instead of just a bench. The rivets on the chair are what initially drew me to it so it adds the silver side of the metallic spectrum to balance out the other gold elements in the room.


The teal curtains are from my bedroom at my old apartment and they are from JC Penney. They are really heavy duty and also light blocking because I bought them while I was working overnights/sleeping during the day and needed to ensure that my room would stay nice and dark. I love the rich tone of the color and it matches exactly with the teal shade in the wall tapestry.

A big shout out goes out to my dad for helping me put my futon together and for hanging up my curtains for me! He’s always willing to help me with the projects at my new house and I love learning from him. Luna was also quite the helper and my sidekick in putting the final touches together in the room. By the end she was pretty tired…here she is relaxing and enjoying the final product!


Thanks for reading everyone! I always enjoy sharing my projects with all of you. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend break and I’ll be back soon with more to share





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