bedroom oasis 

I promised I would be sharing more pictures of the rooms in my new place and I apologize it has been taking me so long! This weekend I finished the final touches and one last big project in my bedroom so I am excited to share the photos and ideas with all of you. I am really thrilled with how it turned out and I feel like my room is a good reflection of me and my personality!

The first project that happened right when I first moved in was painting the accent wall behind the bed. I painted over the previous owners dark purple and chose a really bright turquoise to bring some color to the room and bring out one of my favorite colors from my bedspread. I also ordered a headboard from wayfair and I LOVE how the brass studs stand out and give it an elegant touch!

Luna wanted to be in the picture, laying in her favorite spot on my bed 🙂 My bedspread is from Target and I love the quilt style but with such bright colors. The gold stars hanging in the corner are paper folded stars I bought during the Christmas season last year and I’m happy I found a year -round use for them.  I also tied in some fun gold accents on my turquoise side table that I snagged at a garage sale, already painted the perfect color! The gold lamp is also from a garage sale and the other two decor pieces are from Target as well. This also gives you a closer snapshot of the headboard.

Sometimes things we already own make the best decorations….so I decided to use my jewelry to decorate one whole wall of my room with a little help from some other pictures/decor. Statement jewelry and bright colors are such a current fashion statement and it’s like having built in decor! I bought the turquoise jewelry hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond and the classic yarn hanging is from Kittsona lifestyle. I picked up the hot air balloon wall from Gordmans because I couldn’t resist…they are one of the world’s most fascinating things to me! And one of my favorite little touches is my owl light switch cover that I picked up at Francesca’s!

The final corner of my room might be my favorite. The project I tackled this weekend was the painting of my old dresser to give it a facelift. My aunt Julien told me how great chalk paint was on some projects she did recently so I picked up some Annie Sloan chalk paint from Eco Chic in Fargo when I was there last week. My mom helped me with the painting (thanks mom, you’re the best!!!) and it only took two coats of this royal blue to go over my dark brown/black dresser.

It really is true….chalk paint doesn’t have any odor and each coat dried in about 25 minutes. The day after we painted I put on the wax later which took some time but definitely helped seal the finished and make the piece look great. I bought my vintage gold, glass, and white knobs from Eco Chic as well and they give the piece the perfect amount of charm. I also bought a gold gilding wax that I applied with my finger to all of the edges and drawers to give it a metallic sheen. I am so happy with how it turned out and I hope I can have another chalk painting project soon!

Lastly, the other pieces around the dresser add some more color to the room. On the wall I have styrofoam patterned tiles that you can buy on Amazon for around $2 a piece! They are made to mimic the beautiful old ceiling tiles that were more typically made of metal that you can still see in a lot of downtown building/older architecture. I painted these a coral color and adhered them to the wall with sticky squares from 3M. I actually used these same tiles to create a “headboard” in my old apartment. A pretty sweet headboard for about 15 dollars!

Just like jewelry, scarves can be art/decorations in themselves. I found this blanket ladder at a garage sale and painted it before adding my scarves to it and hanging them together by color. It’s a great way to be able to easily see all of your scarves at once and to also use them as decoration!

I hope you all enjoyed the peek inside my new bedroom! If you have any questions on any of my projects please send me a message, I am more than happy to help.

I promise I’ll be back sooner with another post this time 🙂 thank you so much for reading!

xoxo Jen



2 thoughts on “bedroom oasis 

    • sugarspiceandstylethatsnice says:

      Hey Laura!! I love the gray color you used, it looks great. It sounds like you liked how yours turned out as much as I did 🙂 I thought the wax part was fun! If you’re looking to add some pizzazz since you don’t have knobs you could try the gilding wax like I did. They sold it in a pretty silver metallic too and it would add some fun shine



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