it’s new planner season!!

Many of you who know me know how excited I get about “planning” anything. This time each year is always exciting because it means buying a new planner!

In college my planner was basically my lifeline. I had everything in it, from school committments to work schedules to outside appointments. Some of my friends even used to joke that I needed to write down our plans to hang out in it so that I wouldn’t forget!! I remember thinking of the panic I would have felt if I ever lost my planner.

Since it’s the time of year to go shopping for a new planner I was looking at the store (I have bought at Target for the most part in the past) but I wasn’t finding anything that really fit what I wanted. I prefer pages that have the week days going horizontally so that I have plenty of room to write each day and I also always like to have lines to keeping everything straight.

I decided to leave the store without buying one and turned to looking online. Since I am working full-time now and going to grad school part-time I really wanted to have a planner that can help keep me organized and on track so I didn’t want to settle for something that I wasn’t fully happy with!

I am so glad I decided to go online and explore some more because I found the PERFECT website for me!  I stumbled upon Erin Condren when I was looking for a customizable planner that would allow me to make things just as I wanted them. This company calls them”Lifeplanners” and I don’t think that could be more true 🙂

P.S. They also sell some awesome lesson planner books for any of my teacher friends out there!!

You are able to select from tons of different cover styles and colors, and you can even customize the planner by adding your name or photos of your own to the cover. After the cover page and style you can also choose your page layout and the color scheme.


Here is a photo of all three of the products I bought! My lifeplanner is in the middle 🙂 I love how I was able to put my name on the cover and the bright colored circles really fit my style

Finally, one of the biggest things that hooked me in was that the company also sells sticker books/sets that you can buy to customize each week and month page throughout the planner. I bought 2 different sets of stickers to start and I have had a ton of fun getting the month of August all planned out and ready to go!

The first set of stickers I bought is called “do it all dots” and they are small and circular and have what I would call “picture clues” on them such as $ signs for when bills are due, a tooth for dentist appointments, a blow dryer for hair appointments, etc. Being able to use the stickers will really dress up the pages and it is an easy way to put a visual reminder of things like bills in your planner.


These are the “do it all” stickers up close

Finally, the last book of stickers I bought was too fun to resist. It’s called “Always a Reason and Season to Celebrate” and it is a monthly themed book filled with fun border stickers and other things you can use to decorate the pages for each month in your life planner. The ones for holiday months (like December and October for example with Christmas and Halloween)  are especially unique and I can’t wait to use them all as the year goes on. The month of August is always the start of a new school year and the end of summer so the theme for this month on the page involves some of those elements.


The month of August stickers I get to use!

Anyone who is as much of a planner freak as me OR if you are someone who has always wanted to get a planner and stay committed to using it I absolutely recommend that you hop on the website and check out what they have to offer.

The only thing I will caution you on is that the planner is quite expensive, especially if you choose to get things extremely customized, but since I am someone who uses mine every day I wasn’t afraid of the cost and I didn’t go too crazy with the personal touches to keep the cost lower.

I hope this post helps any of my fellow planner fanatics and I also hope I have inspired some of you to go and check it out if you have been wanting to become more organized in your day-to-day life. Please send me a message if you have any questions and definitely send me a message if you choose to buy one yourself 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

xoxo Jen



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