Townhome, sweet townhome :)

Good evening, everyone! I apologize for the big gap between posts, but this last 10 days has been insane and filled with moving, cleaning, and trying to keep everything in order.

I am so pleased and excited with how everything is coming together at the townhouse and I am working hard on the finishing touches throughout the rooms. I have lots of projects still to come so I am not going to share pictures of each space until it is completely done!

That being said….my living room is one space that has come together really nicely and I am feeling like it is very close to complete so it is the first space I wanted to share on the blog.Β Here is the living room in all its glory!! I love how the tones and colors came together to give it a relaxing and clean feeling.


The living room!

My favorite part of the room is the accent wall which I painted in Valspar’s “Enchanted Garden”(BIG shout-out to my best friend Marit who came over last week and had a painting party with me to get the walls looking GREAT before any furniture got moved in!! You’re the best!!!). It is a calming mix of gray/blue tones that reminds me of stormy ocean water. My black and white canvas shot of Amsterdam is from IKEA and I have had it for many years. It really pops on the colored wall. I am still so excited about the fact that I was able to PAINT walls in this place. Yay for no more white wall filled apartments!!

My couch is an absolute statement piece and I purchased it last summer from Furniture Row. The second I saw it in the store I knew that it was “the one” and I had to have it! The white makes it clean and modern but I love how the style reminds me of something modular and 1970s flair. It is extremely comfortable but has a fancy look so it’s the best of both worlds. The rug is also from furniture row and ties the whole room together. My white chair I had back in college and incorporating throws/accent pillows in turquoise and coral keeps the whole room together without feeling “matchy matchy”

The only thing I am still searching for for the living room is some great window dressings or a valence in more of a tan/metallic finish to tie in some warmer colors and give the window more of a pop since right now it only has blinds. I am going to do some hunting around next week and see what I can find that might work!

Also, Luna really approves of her new living room. She likes to lounge on the couch and practice her posing πŸ˜€


Luna the model dog


I am so excited to show you more rooms in the coming days as I get things set up. The dining room should be up next so keep yours eyes peeled πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for reading!!


xoxo Jen



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