Saturday calls for paint samples and coffee!

This weekend is officially “crunch time” because I am only 3 days away from moving in to my townhouse!! I am really excited to move because there are so many exciting projects ahead, but the process of getting ready can be overwhelming at times. To take a break from packing up at my apartment I decided this rainy day would be a good time to have some fun and start deciding on some paint colors for the new place!

I headed to Lowe’s with my two main paint projects in mind:

  1. One of the bedroom walls at my new place is currently painted a beautiful dark purple. It is one of my favorite colors but unforunately doesn’t match any of my current bedroom furniture or bedding. So, the good news is, I get to have some fun by picking out a color that works and transforming the space into something new! I am only going to paint one wall because it will be quite the accent. I am shooting for a turquoise color (one of my other favorites) and I will of course post a picture when it’s all done!
  2. Secondly, I am thrilled to no longer be renting an apartment and have the ability to paint walls and do some projects that will really make this townhouse my own. I am going to leave a majority of the walls neutral colored (at least for now) but I am going to take the main living room wall and give it some color for an accent. I have a really unique couch as well as a huge piece of art in my living room that I love. I want to paint the wall behind it to really make it stand out. For this I am searching for more of a gray/blue that will be neutral enough for such a large wall and give the room a calm and relaxed feeling.

I may have gotten a littleeeee carried away with my paint sample snatching but I know that I will have NO problem finding something that works out of all of the options I snagged! I met up with my Aunt Stacie afterwards at Starbucks to do a little brainstorming and talk about some other projects that I’m planning to do at my place as well as hear about things she’s working on/looking to do at her house!

(Side note: we both tried the newest drink at Starbucks that involves coconut milk and espresso….and we both give it a solid 2 thumbs up)

Here is a picture of all of the samples (as well as the tasty drink 🙂 ) I can’t wait to show all of you the finished choices up on the walls!


all of my options…now it’s time to decide!

We also made a nice long trip to Hobby Lobby this afternoon for some more inspiration. I found a couple of pieces I think will work well in the new place and I’m looking forward to working them in to some new spaces.

Next week is the big move so keep you eyes peeled for lots of pictures and projects in the coming weeks as I show you the transformations I make as I get everything settled! I have some exciting tricks up my sleeve and I hope I can bring all of you some inspiration. Last but not least, I thought I would include a picture of my outfit of the day that includes BOTH of my favorites colors (purple and turquoise!)


I put the awesome purple tunic from Target on my lap so it was easier to see! and the statement necklace is from Kittsona

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I look forward to sharing more soon

xoxo Jen

2 thoughts on “Saturday calls for paint samples and coffee!

  1. Laura says:

    super excited to see pictures of your new place! congrats jen! also I tried that drink last week too. I had never tasted coconut milk so that was different but I think i’ll be trying it again.

    XO Lo


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